In its over a thousand years, 120 Doges have alternated to the government of the Republic of San Marco who, with the institution of the Ducal Promission (1192) and from the end of the 13th century, were elected with a complicated procedure by the Maggior Consiglio, maximum expression of the aristocratic families of the Venetian patriciate.

In his time of greatest splendor, the Doge is a magnificent sovereign who, for the splendor that surrounds him and for the golden and silky robes, recalls the Roman Emperors of the East, whether you imagine him in the luxurious rooms of his royal Palazzo Ducale, both in religious functions in its marvelous golden chapel of S. Marco, or in the golden red Bucintoro at the Marriage of the Sea, or when he presides over the sovereign council of the Venetian aristocracy in the Sala del Maggior Consiglio, or in his participation in public parties and ceremonies .

And the world of the postcard could not neglect this important character and numerous publishers (Vendrasco-Fiecchi, Pellizzato, Gobbato etc.) have published beautiful series which highlight the portraits of the nobles who succeeded in the ducal office.

Certainly the best known series is that of the Publisher Ferdinando Gobbato, called "Venice and its 120 Doges".

The series, consisting of 24 postcards inserted in a binder bag, illustrates the portraits of the Doges divided by historical period, indicating the name, the coat of arms of the family and the period of government.

All the portraits are included in beautiful views of Venice, with an indication of the view in the margin and interesting historical information referring to the individual Doges.

Here is a preview of the front of some of the postcards and the container sachet.


It is part of the series: Doges of Venice

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