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Making a return is easy, just follow the instructions.

1. Verify that the product is intact

We only accept the product if it is undamaged and in resale condition.

Please inform us of your decision to withdraw within 14 days

Send us a written and explicit communication within 14 calendar days, by sending an e-mail to our support center: [email protected]

2. Send us the product

The products must be returned to: Venipedia Mercante / Bazzmann Sas di Trevisan Marco & C. – Via Verdi 10, 30171 Mestre Venice without delay and in any case within 14 days from the day you notified us of the withdrawal. The direct costs of returning the goods will be at your expense.

3. We verify the integrity of the returned product

The return of the product is subject to our verification of the integrity of the product and its condition of resalability.

4. If everything is ok, we will refund you

If the product you returned to us passes our verification, your refund will be issued promptly.

Warning: this is a simplified information page, before making the return carefully read the complete information regarding your right of withdrawal.