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Below we explicitly inform you of the terms of use for using Venipedia and its related projects, your rights and your obligations as a user of the project(s). Please read them carefully.


We do our best to make sure that Venipedia is a safe and always functioning site, but we cannot guarantee that this is always the case. We need every user to help protect the security and proper functioning of Venipedia, which means that you also commit to:

  1. not to publish unauthorized commercial communications (such as spam) on Venipedia and its community (including Facebook, Twitter and other related channels);
  2. not collect users' content or information, or otherwise access Venipedia using automated tools (such as collection bots, robots, spiders or scraper) without prior authorization from us;
  3. not to undertake illegal multi-level marketing activities (such as pyramid schemes) on Venipedia and the related communities or channels;
  4. not to upload viruses or other harmful codes;
  5. not try to obtain access information or access other users' accounts;
  6. not denigrate, intimidate or pester other users;
  7. not publish content that is threatening or pornographic, or which contains hate or violent speech, nude images or explicit or unjustified violence;
  8. not use Venipedia and related communities or channels for illegal, misleading, malicious or discriminatory purposes;
  9. not take actions that may prevent, overload or compromise the correct functioning or appearance of Venipedia, for example a denial of service attack or other actions that interfere with page rendering or other Venipedia functions;
  10. not support or encourage the non-compliance of these terms of use or our regulations.


Regarding account registration and in order to guarantee the security of your account, you commit to:

  1. not provide false personal information on Venipedia or create an account on behalf of another person without prior authorization;
  2. not create more than one personal account;
  3. not create another account without our authorization, if the original account is disabled;
  4. not use your personal account to obtain commercial profits, unless otherwise authorized or through specifically created services;
  5. make sure that your contact information is always correct and up to date;
  6. not share your password (or, in the case of developers, the secret key) or allow other people to access your account or perform any other action that could put the security of your account at risk;
  7. not transfer your account to third parties without the prior written permission of Venipedia.

Your account can be permanently removed or temporarily blocked if we observe the non-compliance of one or more of the above points (those listed in FUNCTIONING AND SECURITY and in ACCOUNT REGISTRATION).


The use of Venipedia is free, except where explicitly indicated. Your duty is to use it correctly, while respecting the work of others. This entails the respect of our copyright regulation of the published content and the use of this content according to such regulation - which you can read in full in the section dedicated to copyright.


Payments accepted are exclusively by credit card. All transactions take place securely through our partner, Stripe. We do not save any data related to your credit card in our serves, any eventual stored credit cards are managed directly by our certified partner, Stripe.

Make sure you make any payments away from prying eyes, on secure computers and in person, or through people you trust.

If you need invoicing for one or more payments, contact us on [email protected], where we will do our best to help you according to the national laws in force.

Where prepared, the service is provided with a free trial period, to test our paid services. At the end of the trial period - unless you cancel - you will be charged the amount provided by the service, which will not be refundable. Services with a monthly fee can be interrupted at any time. In this case you will only be charged for the amount due for the current month.

Refunds are not provided on the services offered (such as, but not limited to: Viandante's cultural routes), on monthly fees and on promotional fees (including prepaid annual fees with prepayment). For any questions before activating services and fee-based services, contact us on [email protected].

For product purchases on Venipedia® Mercante, please refer to the dedicated sections (at the moment, only available in Italian).

For any questions regarding the regulation of the right of withdrawal, please refer to the section on the European Union.

If we find that the payment was not successful for any reason not attributable to our errors and/or malfunctions, we reserve the right to immediately stop the service without prior notice


Stripe is also used as a payment system by major projects, such as Twitter, Pinterest, Kickstarter, Lyft, Unicef, Booking.com, National Geographic, and The Guardian.


We had incorporated the Paypal payment system up to 2019, and we are aware that it could be the preferred payment system for you - and removing it could mean less sales for us - however, Paypal commissions are a sore point for us, which meant that were were not able to give you the best of what we have to offer and create increasingly updated and complete services. We therefore chose to remove this payment system. We will, of course, be happy to restore this payment system if Paypal methods change in the future.


The provision was introduced to help reduce fraud and keep transactions safe and secure.

The PSD2 defines new requirements for payment transactions in Europe (effective September 14, 2019). This means that payment transactions in e-commerce, so even Venipedia Mercante, in which the issuing bank and that of the buyer are based in the European Economic Area (EEA) are subject to the SCA with 3DS2.0. To purchase, the authentication requirement for the issuing bank must be exceeded.

Who determines the authentication process?

The authentication process is determined by the issuing bank and not by Venipedia, secondly the payment transactions of less than € 30 (or the equivalent in your currency) may not be subject to 3DS2.0 authentication. This is also determined by the issuing bank of the cardholder (it can be a code transmitted via SMS, via app and similar procedures).

What does it mean, in a nutshell?

It means that at the time of payment, the bank that issued your credit card could request an additional authentication step and confirm that you are actually purchasing (whoever is familiar with the Verified By Visa process, already knows what additional process we are addressing).

Banks will have to reject transactions that do not meet the SCA criteria.

The Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) involves the inclusion of at least 2 of the following options: something the buyer knows, something the customer has and something the customer is (eg you, customer, know a code) that it can be a PIN and you have a tablet, or a smartphone, or other).

In case of problems with this new procedure, we recommend that you contact your bank, as we have no control over the process and will not be able to help you. For any other problem concerning the use of the platform (downloads, correctly paid orders, etc.) we are at your disposal.

As we get more information about these new procedures, we will update this section.


Your privacy is very important to Bazzmann. Read our Privacy Policy.

This section is subject to change without notice, please visit this page regularly.