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The times are indicated in each product sheet.

The current general rule is that the product with the longest deadline for delivery, in the case of multiple orders, also affects the delivery of the others.

For example, if you order:

  • 5 books with 2 days shipping
  • 1 painting with 3 weeks shipping

Your order will be shipped in 3 weeks, plus the time it will take for the carrier to deliver it to you.

The products, in the case of multiple orders, are managed with a single shipment and only when all the products are ready for shipment. We use different carriers based on the best quality / service / price ratio. All shipments – except those made with Piego di Libri by Poste Italiane – are traceable and above they are all insured.

Shipping times

Shipping times are indicative. Some of the products sold are handcrafted and in some cases made specifically from the moment of the order. There may therefore be an extension of delivery times due to the craftsmanship of the product. In this case you will be notified by e-mail communicating an estimate of the updated timing.

In any case, since unforeseen events are always lurking, if you find any anomalies in the timing please report it to us immediately so that we can intervene as soon as possible and guarantee maximum satisfaction.

Do you have an important event? Choose the security of shipping by courier.

The books can be requested for shipment in two ways: Piego di Libri by Poste Italiane or courier. The delivery times of Piego di Libri are more subject to unexpected extensions and does not allow tracking the delivery, while the courier allows you to do so and has faster delivery times.

For this reason, for important deliveries we always recommend delivery by courier.

Shipping cost

We want your shopping experience to be the best possible and we work to make sure that shipping costs are as low and stable as possible, while guaranteeing you the maximum guarantee of quality in the shipment.

A calculation of the shipping costs is done directly in the cart, at the end of the order summary table. For any unforeseen changes in the calculated costs, you will be informed in time and we will do our best to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase on Venipedia®.

For books we can ship both with the Piego di libri option of Poste Italiane and by courier.

For all other products, shipping is by courier.