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On this page we have included information about the new European payment procedures Payment Services Directive II (PSD2) and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) with 3DS2.0 .

Level 1 PCI-DSS Compliant
We use platforms that comply with the highest security standards. In this regard, we do not even store your credit card details on our system.

SSL + HTTP / 2
Any area of Venipedia® is protected with 2048-bit secure certificates and we use HTTP / 2 for all connections: faster, more secure.

Stripe as a payment system
Stripe is also used as a payment system by large projects, such as Twitter, Pinterest, Kickstarter, Lyft, Unicef, Booking.com, National Geographic, The Guardian. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

Always updated
All systems are constantly updated, to offer you maximum security and the best experience.

In detail

Venipedia® is based on consolidated platforms, also in terms of security. The whole network is protected by a secure 2048-bit certificate and uses the new HTTP / 2 protocol – much faster and more secure -: from product consultation to information pages, from placing in the shopping cart as you wish up to the payment process.

Compliance with the PCI-DSS standard has been defined by the major international credit circuits (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover) to increase security levels in credit and / or debit card transactions. Specifically, this level requires that all 6 requirements are met:

  • Maintain a secure network
  • Maintain a systems vulnerability management program
  • Monitor and test the network regularly
  • Protect data of credit card owners
  • Implement robust access control measures
  • Maintain a security disclosure policy

Payment, payment systems and debit of the amount

Venipedia® only uses credit card payment systems. The payment method is based on the secure Stripe system (used by Twitter, Pinterest, TED, The Guardian, Kickstarter, Virgin, MOMA and others) certified at PCI Service Provider Level 1. and which supports the main circuits: Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Your credit card will be charged at the time of purchase.

Payment Services Directive II (PSD2) and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) con 3DS2.0

The provision was introduced to help reduce fraud and keep transactions safe and secure.

PSD2 defines new requirements for payment transactions in Europe (effective from 14 September 2019). This means that payment transactions in e-commerce, therefore also Venipedia Mercante, in which the issuing bank and the buyer’s bank are based in the European Economic Area (EEA) are subject to the SCA with 3DS2.0. To purchase, you will have to pass the authentication requirement for the issuing bank.

Who determines the authentication process?

The authentication process is determined by the issuing bank and not by Venipedia, secondly, payment transactions below € 30 (or the equivalent in your currency) may not be subject to 3DS2.0 authentication. This is also determined by the issuing bank of the cardholder (it can be a code sent via text message, app and similar procedures)

What does it mean, in simple words?

It means that at the time of payment, the bank that issued your credit card may ask you for an additional authentication step and confirm that you are actually buying (those who are familiar with the Verified By Visa process, already know which additional process we are going to).

Banks will have to reject transactions that do not meet the SCA criteria.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) includes at least 2 of the following options: something the buyer knows, something the customer owns, and something the customer is (e.g. you, customer, know a code – that it can be a PIN and you have a tablet, or a smartphone, or other).

If you have any problems with this new procedure, we recommend that you contact your bank, as we have no control over the process and will not be able to help you. For any other problem concerning the use of the platform (downloads, orders correctly paid, etc.) we are at your disposal.

As we get more information about these new procedures, we will update this section.

Why we no longer use Paypal

Until 2019 we have also incorporated the Paypal payment system, and we are aware that it could be a preferential system for you – and for us, removing it could mean fewer sales – however in Paypal the commissions are a rather sore point for us, which it does not allow us to better express what we want to offer you and to freely think of increasingly updated and complete services. So we have chosen to remove this payment system. Of course, if Paypal’s methods change in the future, we will be happy to restore this payment system as well.

Credit card saving for later use

If you want, you can save your credit card (or more than one) to buy faster in subsequent uses. Your credit card details will not be stored in our system, but directly on our partner Stripe, which is certified at PCI Service Provider Level 1 to guarantee maximum security. You can remove your data at any time.

Security policy in Bazzmann – Venipedia

Venipedia® is a Bazzmann project: much more than a creative agency. We are in the market from more than 15 years, we work and have worked to a large extent with large customers and public institutions, where safety is a priority.

This is why we have our own internal Code of Ethics and a Programmatic Document on data security, aimed at ensuring the maximum possible security of our offices and our infrastructure.

The basic principles that govern us are:

  • Constant updating of platforms to the latest and most secure software
  • Constant monitoring of our network
  • Adoption of anti-intrusion, anti-virus and anti-spam systems
  • Constant monitoring and resolution of bugs and potential software flaws

Last update: Venice-Mestre, 13 September 2019 / Version 1 — Revision 4