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Your privacy, your personal data and their protection are extremely important to us. These are the fundamental principles on which we operate:

  • We greatly respect the personal information we ask you for as well as the information we collect when you interact with our sites and our services.
  • We collect as little information as possible to ensure access to information and to ensure the proper functioning of our platforms.
  • Even when you use our services, we only ask you what is strictly necessary.
  • We only keep data for as long as necessary, not one minute more.
  • We work so that you can access, modify and delete your data as easily as possible.
  • We work to be as transparent as possible about how we collect, manage and share your personal information.

What you will read below is a more detailed explanation of how we implement these principles, namely, our policy for managing and protecting your personal data.


Considering the global impact that GDPR is having and will have, it is possible that for the first few months from when the new European regulation (May 25th 2018) comes into force that there will be a reasonable succession of updates on all levels by our suppliers, partners and collaborators. We have done what is humanly possible so that this Privacy Policy, our Cookie Policy and the Terms of Use already reflect the widest possible overview applicable to Venipedia® and Bazzmann Agency, however we may be forced in turn to update these contents with a certain frequency. We thank you in advance for your patience.

We also ask for your help - if you identify any anomalies between this Policy and any practical aspects in the use of Venipedia® and related Services - which may not depend on us but on third parties, for example payment systems such as Stripe - please do not hesitate to let us know via our Unified Support Center: [email protected]. We thank you for this and appreciate your help!

About Us

Venipedia® is part of Bazzmann Agency.

We manage Venipedia® as if it were a stand-alone company, therefore with the utmost care possible also in all legal and juridical aspects.

We want to offer you the best information, dissemination, usefulness and service related to the topic of ‘Venice’ with Venipedia®, using all the innovation, authority, reliability and efficiency possible to give you the best experience in this regard. All this in the greatest safety.

Venipedia® uses, or can use, various domains connected to https://venipedia.it (which is the main domain), such as https://mercante.venipedia.it or https://editrice.venipedia.it.

The data controller is Bazzmann Sas from Trevisan Marco & C. (Bazzmann Agency).

The data processor is Marco Trevisan.

Our office is:

Bazzmann Sas of Trevisan Marco & C.
Via Verdi 10
30171 Venice-Mestre

You can contact us at [email protected], which connected to an external unified ticketing system to ensure the maximum transparency and efficiency possible.

What data we collect and why we collect it

The most important thing to know is that we only collect the data which is necessary, no more. We need this data to provide you with our Services, to communicate with you, and to make our Services better every day.

We collect information in three ways: if and when you provide it, automatically by running our Services and from external sources. By Services we also intend to make this website work so that you can consult it.

Information you provide us

The amount and type of information you provide depends on the context and how we use the information. For example:

  • Basic account information: access to Venipedia® is mostly free and anonymous, but the creation of an account where basic information is stored (‘credentials’) is required to take advantage of non-public content, services and other useful tools. This information is your username, your email address and your password.
  • Personal information: only in some cases, such as when buying a Smart Guide, can your telephone number be required so that the Service runs in the best way and allows us to give you all possible assistance.
  • Geographic coordinates: only when using Venipedia® Sestante from your mobile phone and only with your explicit consent will we ask your mobile phone for your latitude and longitude of where you are at that moment, without storing such data in any way and limited to the period of time necessary to obtain the data. This means, at most, a few seconds.
  • E-commerce information: only if you use Venipedia® Mercante, in addition to the need to have the data for basic account information, will you be asked for a series of information necessary to carry out the sales contract, carry out the order and make sure that everything works at its best (including any refunds you request or the tax calculations that we are required to make by law). This includes your contact details, billing and shipping address, your name and surname. Since we sell different types of products, including digital products that do not require any additional information than your username, email and password, most of the data is still optional and will only be requested when strictly necessary.
  • Transactions and billing/shipping information: you will only be asked for the data strictly necessary for the transaction and purchase to be completed when buying something from us. This data is required by payment systems and generally consists of: name and surname, credit card information, contact information and email address.
  • Communication with us: you may provide us with information when you reply to our surveys or communicate with our unified support center, when you contact us in the Editorial office or when you post a comment/review (if and where such function is available).

Information we collect automatically

We collect some information, automatically:

  • Log information: like most web sites and operators, we collect information that web browsers, mobile devices and servers usually make available, such as: type of browser, IP address, unique identifiers of the device, language preferences, sites of origin, date and time of access and network provider. This information is automatically collected by the server where the Venipedia® project is hosted, even when you simply open a page.
  • Abandoned baskets: only if you buy one of our products or services, and only if you have logged in with your credentials, do we manage the ‘abandoned basket’ function, that is, orders arrived at the cart but not completed. You can find more information about this topic in our Cookie Policy.
  • Information from Cookies or other technologies: cookies are small and simple text files that store information on your computer. LocalStorage technology is similar to cookies, but more efficient. You can find more information on this topic in our Cookie Policy.

Information we collect from other sources

We may collect your personal information from other sources and services. For example, when you use Social Login features to register your account and access it quicker (as with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp, etc.), but from which we only ask what is strictly necessary and which is usually limited to just your username, name and surname, password and email address. In any case, the information we receive depends exclusively on the services you authorize and the options you make available.

How we use information and why

Purposes of use

We use the aforementioned information for the following purposes:

  • To provide you with our Services, from simply reading our content to purchasing our paid products and services;
  • To further develop and improve our Services, for example, to add new features or improve them, making your experience on our platforms better every day;
  • To understand how people interact with our platform and our Services, so as to help us to further improve them and make them easier to use;
  • To better measure and understand what content, which products and services, even for a fee, people prefer, including which promotional messages are more effective, less invasive and more appreciated by those who use our platforms, with the aim of concentrating on what is most appreciated and requested by our public;
  • To monitor and prevent any problems with our platforms and services, protect the security of systems and your personal data, identify and prevent fraudulent activity, fight spam, as well as protect the rights and property of Venipedia/Bazzmann and others, which could for example result in the refusal of a financial transaction or the use of our Services;
  • To communicate with you, both through the exchange of emails and with our newsletters, service communications and/or promotional offers;
  • To give you the opportunity to personalize your experience with our Services.

Legal basis for use

We mainly use your personal information to allow you to access, register and browse our platforms, as well as purchase our products and use our services. Any further processing is carried out on the basis of legal obligations, or after your explicit consent which is generally provided via electronic means.

For greater specificity we can summarize:

  1. Use necessary to finalize a sales contract (eg: when you buy one of our books);
  2. Use necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the Services, their security, to monitor any problems and prevent them, as well as give you the opportunity to personalize your experience of our Services;
  3. Use necessary for administrative, legal and requested purposes according to law, including what is required by GDPR itself to guarantee the demonstrability of having complied with our obligations;
  4. Use with your explicit consent.

With whom we share your personal information

The most important thing: we do not sell your personal information, nor do we wish to do so.

In some cases, it may be necessary to share your information with someone outside our company, always in the most limited and protected manner possible:

  • Suppliers: for example, when buying a physical product, we must tell those who make the delivery where to deliver your order, or in case of purchase of a service, where to share your information for the service to be carried out correctly.
  • Administrative/legal requirements/legal compliance: for example, if you need to receive a commercial invoice from us following a purchase, such information must then be shared with our accountant and all the institutions appointed to manage it (eg: the Agenzia delle Entrate).
  • Payment networks: for your purchase to be successful when you buy something from us, some of the necessary data mentioned above is sent to the network or payment gateway in charge through us (eg: Stripe, Visa, American Express, etc.).
  • Comments/reviews: if you write a comment or review then this information and the linked personal information (for example, username, your photo and email address) that you choose to share or is necessary for publication will be publicly visible.
  • With your consent: when it is necessary to share information on your request or where your consent is required, for example when you use the Social Login feature to speed up registration and access to our platforms. In this case, the exchange of information necessary to complete the transaction takes place with your explicit consent.

How long we store your personal information for

In general, all information is erased they are no longer needed, without prejudice to information that is necessary under the terms established by current laws.

For example, if you simply register on the site with username, email and password, such data will be deleted as soon as you request it (and in the future we hope that you will be able to do this autonomously without going through us!).

If you have made a purchase, or in any case, any action that falls within the terms provided by the laws in force, your data will be stored in accordance with the law (currently 10 years). This data also includes our audit logs, as required by GDPR, which serve to demonstrate that they have fulfilled and performed all the formalities required by GDPR. The data collected in our audit log is the minimum necessary and/or technical (eg: IP address) abovementioned.

How we protect your personal data, that is, security

For us, safety is one of the vital aspects of our work, to the point that we take it into consideration by design and by default, no less than privacy. This means that we are always active and proactive in identifying and carrying out whatever possible in order to make the systems, platforms, processes and procedures as safe as possible:

  • Secure access via HTTPS: for example, in 2015 we had already brought all our websites and those of our customers to a secure HTTPS protocol, with no exceptions;
  • Firewalls, antivirus and antispam: our servers and our offices are equipped with firewalls to keep those with ill-intentions out from our network. We also adopt antivirus and antispam systems;
  • Automatic backups: we automatically save data on a daily basis, with recovery mode, so that data integrity is guaranteed (at least until the date of the last backup);
  • Constant updating: we update all systems, software and procedures - in the servers and in our office - to avoid (as much as possible) any type of unauthorized access, fraudulent use, alteration or destruction of data, external attacks and anything else necessary to guarantee the integrity of all the systems and the data contained in them;
  • Constant monitoring: of systems, software, procedures and our partners, technological and otherwise, sometimes choosing to move our projects and those of our customers towards new suppliers, solutions and partners who can guarantee the level of quality and safety that we want, and in any case as high as possible;
  • Code of ethics: we request and contractualize the respect of our code of ethics with anyone who interacts with us, from our suppliers to our partners, so that they too endeavor to guarantee this level of quality and safety to the maximum. Sometimes it's easier, other times less so, giving us a bigger challenge!
  • We also ask you to take your own precautions: "in order for a computer to be really safe, it must be turned off, disconnected from the power supply and the data network". Since it is not possible to guarantee that all the security measures adopted to safeguard the integrity of data and their protection from malicious access can completely exclude every risk, we also ask you to equip yourself with security measures on your own devices (computers, laptops, mobile devices, modems, routers, etc.), to update your software including operating systems, and to use anti-virus and anti-spam software.

We have created a section dedicated to our Security Policy, namely, the secure management of data and infrastructure. This is where all the updated information on the subject will be published.

The transfer of your personal data outside the European Union

Your personal data will not be transferred to countries that do not belong to the European Union and that do not ensure levels of data protection in line with our Privacy Policy and GDPR. In any case, we will always endeavor to ensure that in the event of transfer of personal data outside the European Union that such data is protected by standard contractual clauses or other legal documents. For further transparency, more information on this can be found in our section on security (Security Policy) and cookies (Cookie Policy).

Treatment of personal data of minors

The use of the site anonymously (therefore without sending personal data) is allowed to all, including for study purposes. However, access via credentials and to our Services, including the purchase of products, is permitted only to adults. We do not process personal data of children under eighteen (18) years old without parental consent.

Your rights

For any need, doubt or information concerning this Policy, you can contact the Owner and the Data Protection Manager via a written request to our unified support center: [email protected]

You have in any case the right to:

  1. be informed of the purposes and methods of processing your personal data; ​​​​​​
  2. access your personal data;
  3. obtain a copy of your personal data, as well as obtain indication of the place where such personal data is stored or transferred;
  4. request the correction, updating or integration of your personal data;
  5. request the deletion, anonymization or blocking of the processing of your personal data;
  6. object, in whole or in part, to any processing carried out through automated decision-making processes, including profiling;
  7. revoke your consent to the processing, where provided, freely and at any time; ​​​​​​​
  8. contact the Data Protection Officer of the Data Controller, if appointed; ​​​​​​​
  9. make a complaint to the Guarantor for the protection of personal data.
  10. the portability of data, i.e. the right to receive personal data in a structured format, commonly used and readable by an automatic device, and the possibility of being able to transmit it to another data controller freely and without impediment - where applicable;
  11. to request a limitation of the processing of your personal data, where applicable.

Cookies and Terms of Use

The Venipedia® sites are also regulated by our Cookie Policy and our Terms of Use , which we invite you to read.

Links to third-party sites and social plugins

Despite the aforementioned and our maximum commitment to respecting what is written above, we are not able to control the work of others.

This means that neither the Data Controller nor those responsible for processing your personal data have the ability to manage what happens on the websites and third-party services accessible from our sites through the links contained within them. In such cases, Bazzmann Agency and Marco Trevisan cannot be held responsible for how your data is processed on third-party websites and services.

We invite you to pay the utmost attention to this and to read up on their policies regarding the processing of your personal data, their protection and safety measures.

External references

To assist the reading of the management and protection policies of your personal data by third-parties, please consult the Third-Parties Privacy Policy section.

Tools for managing your personal data

We have also dedicated a section to this, so it’s easier for you: Tools for managing your personal data.

Changes and updates

At the bottom of the page you will find the date of this page’s latest update. We will keep track of changes to the text here.

Since Venipedia® is a project and a living product, it is possible that this Policy will be updated, as also required by the laws in force and by GDPR. We will inform you in the most effective and appropriate ways possible, in particular through this site and other communication channels (eg: Venipedia social media channels or our Missiva newsletter).

However, we encourage you to return to this page periodically to ensure that you are up to date on the Policy.

Changes to this document

  • May 26, 2018 - text added to the "Transfer of your personal data outside the European Union" section, with links to the respective pages cited: "For further transparency, more information on this can be found in our section on security (Security Policy) and cookies (Cookie Policy)".
  • 10 May 2019 - the Paypal payment system has been removed, therefore references to it in the information on payments have also been removed.