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Venipedia is for curious minds. Genuinely from Venice.

It was established in 2012, conceived and founded by Marco 'Bazzmann' Trevisan, who is its director. It is an innovative cultural platform dedicated to improving our common present and future through knowledge of Venice, sustainability, biodiversity and the climate crisis. It does so through an online encyclopaedia, articles and in-depth studies, collections of images, the first and only online museum of historic Venetian postcards, videos and books, both digital and printed.

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  • Read: the pleasure of reading, thanks to our encyclopaedic content, in-depth reports and books
  • Watch: even the eye wants its part, delighted by Visiva Arte, Visiva Storica, Visiva Contemporanea and Visiva Museum of Historical Venetian Postcards and Venipedia TV
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