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The Bridge of Sighs seen from the side of the Schiavoni.

Ponte dei Sospiri

In the past, prisoners in chains coming out of the court crossed this bridge to go towards their cells and, sighing and lowering their heads, would have been able to see their final glimpses of life and freedom before...

Smart green city of the future (Iwona Castiello d'Antonio, Unsplash)

Coronavirus: we’re in a real-time laboratory of a more sustainable urban future

A pause has been forced on urban life. Quiet roads, empty skies, deserted high streets and parks, closed cinemas, cafés and museums – a break in the spending and work frenzy so familiar to us all. The reality of...

The marble portal of the hospital, with the representation of Christ the Redeemer between San Rocco and San Sebastiano, together with the three coats of arms of the Provveditori alla Sanità. - (Venipedia / Bazzmann Archive)

Lazzaretto vecchio

Initially a place of worship and reception for crusaders and pilgrims returning from Holy Land, it then became the first public hospital in the world as well as a place of cutting-edge techniques for the prevention of...

Frammento del dipinto "Il Rinoceronte" di Falca Pietro Longhi 1751 ospitato nel Museo del Settecento Veneziano di Cà Rezzonico.

A face covered with a black mask: the Moretta (The mute mask)

A mask typically of the fairer sex, particularly appreciated by men for its characteristic of not allowing the wearer to speak. What pleased the women, however, was certainly the aura of mystery and the anonymity that...

Campo San Geremia — (Venipedia/Bazzmann Archive)

Campo San Geremia

Field of considerable size, where bull hunts once took place. Today, four wells hold up against time, one of which has a fountain.

View on coast and glacier in Patagonia - (Photo by Wolf Schram on Unsplash • Post-production Bazzmann / Venipedia)

The new IPCC special report about the oceans and the cryosphere in climate change is on its way

Dedicated to mountain, polar, coastal, oceanic ecosystems and the consequent impact of changes on human life, the report should be launched on 25 September 2019.

Architectural elements and inscriptions mostly from the territory of Altino, placed outdoors between the two buildings of the Archive and the Council.

Museo di Torcello

The Torcello Museum narrates the thousand year old history of the island and its relationship with the hinterland and Venice through the three sections: the Archaeological, Medieval and Modern. It is housed in two...