La Chiesa di San Polo.

Church of San Polo

Places of worship
Porzione della facciata della chiesa di San Simeone Grande.

The mischievous servant girl: Colombina

Representing the popular Venice of the time with her humble profession as a servant employed by a noble patrician family. An attractive girl with beautiful features who is self-confident, cunning and sometimes mischievous.

Masks and faces
Persone mascherate in abito nero e maschera del medico della peste.

The Plague Doctor

Not a carnival costume but rather a symbol of death, used to remember how much pain and suffering the disease brought to Venice. The shape of the curved beak on the white mask quickly brings to mind the beak of a vulture, a bird notoriously...

Masks and faces
La chiesa di San Rocco.

Church of San Rocco

Places of worship