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Campo San Stae photographed from the vaporetto — (Venipedia/Bazzmann)

Campo San Stae

Magical place overlooking the Grand Canal, the main Venetian waterway. The imposing white facade of the Church of San Stae and the minute red building, home of the Tiraoro and Battioro school, are the two...

Bosco verticale, Green in the city, Milano (Chris Barbalis, Unsplash)

The urban forest of the future: how to turn our cities into Treetopias

Designing and redesigning urban spaces and urban greenery in a way that is no longer determined by a cosmetic and aesthetic factor, but functional and with greater respect for trees as living beings. A way to also get...

The square of Lio Piccolo (Bazzmann Archive / Venipedia)

Lio Piccolo

A real leap in time, a wonderfully natural landscape and a great testimony of tenacity by past populations. One of the places where jujubes are produced.

Quadro raffigurante alcune della maschere tipiche della commedia dell'arte. Artista anonimo.

The foolish and buffoonish servant: Arlecchino (Harlequin)

Publicly loved for his undisputed congeniality and for being gullible and confident; not surprisingly he is often the victim of scams. Constantly hungry and looking to improve the situation in which he finds himself,...

Palazzo Ducale

Palazzo Ducale

Symbol par excellence of the Serenissima and identity throughout the world of the city of Venice. A palace that was at the same time the Doge's private residence, the seat of government and the court. It was here that...

The island of San Giorgio Maggiore — (Venipedia / Bazzmann Archive)

San Giorgio Maggiore

Initially it was a place of vineyards and vegetable gardens, a mill owned by the Doge and a salt pan. Then it became the center of cultural and religious life. It is also one of the places where you can enjoy an...

Venice Biennale of Art

International Art Exhibition

Known worldwide as the Biennale, or Biennale of art, it is one of the greatest exhibitions of contemporary art. Born from the idea of Antonio Fradeletto, Mario De Maria, Augusto Sézanne and the mayor of the city...

Engraving depicting the doge Alvise Mocenigo III

Mocenigo Alvise III

Alvise Mocenigo III was the 112th Doge of the Venetian Republic (1722-1732).