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Chiesa di San Basso.

Chiesa di San Basso

A small church in the heart of Venice, right next to Piazza San Marco, in the Piazzetta dei Leoncini. The peculiarity of this building is the square side facade, divided into three by Corinthian columns. Located between civilian architecture and...

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Frammento del dipinto "Il Rinoceronte" di Falca Pietro Longhi 1751 ospitato nel Museo del Settecento Veneziano di Cà Rezzonico.

A face covered with a black mask: the Moretta (The mute mask)

A mask typically of the fairer sex, particularly appreciated by men for its characteristic of not allowing the wearer to speak. What pleased the women, however, was certainly the aura of mystery and the anonymity that it granted.

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Palazzo Ducale

Palazzo Ducale

Symbol par excellence of the Serenissima and identity throughout the world of the city of Venice. A palace that was at the same time the Doge's private residence, the seat of government and the court. It was here that the dreaded Savi exercised...

Ala Napoleonica.

Museo Correr

The museum arose from the desire and dedication of its creator and passionate collector, the patrician Teodoro Correr.  The magnificent neoclassical rooms are the perfect setting for Antonio Canova's sculptures, the remarkable historical...

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The Great German Synagogue

Scola grande Tedesca

The oldest Venetian Scola, of the Ashkenazi rite (ie German), is located in the wide campo of the Ghetto Nuovo. It would be difficult to distinguish it from the other buildings if it were not for its five characteristic arches in white stone and...

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The Bridge of Sighs seen from the side of the Schiavoni.

Ponte dei Sospiri

In the past, prisoners in chains coming out of the court crossed this bridge to go towards their cells and, sighing and lowering their heads, would have been able to see their final glimpses of life and freedom before captivity. 

Church of San Silvestro

Chiesa di San Silvestro

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Detail of St Mark’s Basilica.

Basilica di San Marco

The current appearance of the Basilica reflects the third reconstruction that took place within the Basilica’s thousand year history.

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Quadro raffigurante alcune della maschere tipiche della commedia dell'arte. Artista anonimo.

The Know-it-all from Bologna: Doctor Balanzone

A know-it-all character who enchants people with his continuous talk; but soon after listening to him one realizes that his conversation is in reality, all smoke and mirrors. Well fed, plump, full of good humor and empty talk plagued by blunders, he...

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