Frammento del dipinto "Il Rinoceronte" di Falca Pietro Longhi 1751 ospitato nel Museo del Settecento Veneziano di Cà Rezzonico.

A face covered with a black mask: the Moretta (The mute mask)

A mask typically of the fairer sex, particularly appreciated by men for its characteristic of not allowing the wearer to speak. What pleased the women, however, was certainly the aura of mystery and the anonymity that it granted.

Masks and faces

A transvestite: the Gnaga or catwoman

Some believe that the name derives from gnau, the sound a cat makes, and it was certainly a disguise that was appreciated by young homosexuals who were forced to hide their sexuality during the rest of the year. However, it must be said that...

Masks and faces
Overview of Venetian masks. (Venipedia/Bazzmann Archive)


A time for amusement, dissolving social tensions, transgressions and of figurative representations of victories and conquests. For the Serenissima, Carnival was the period of the year in which the population was allowed to do almost anything, when...

Feasts, traditional and annual events
Chiesa di San Cassiano a Venezia

Church of San Cassiano

Places of worship
Il busto del patrizio Vincenzo Fini, posizionato nella parte centrale della facciata, in cima ad un obelisco sorretto da cammelli.

Church of San Moisè

Places of worship
La Chiesa di San Polo.

Church of San Polo

Places of worship
La chiesa di San Rocco.

Church of San Rocco

Places of worship
San Silvestro, Venezia

Church of San Silvestro

Places of worship
Porzione della facciata della chiesa di San Simeone Grande.