Museo del Prado (Photo by donfalcone from Pixabay)

The Prado Museum celebrates 200 years, between history, innovation and artificial intelligence

Opened to the public for the first time on 19 November 1819 and initially built to house the Cabinet of Natural History, it is today one of the most visited museums in the world and strongly oriented towards innovation, thanks also to the recent...

The outer walls invaded by water — (source: Lazzaretti Veneziani)

High Tide in Venice: support the Lazzaretti Veneziani

Lazzaretto Nuovo and Lazzaretto Vecchio are quite lucky, but they have suffered damage and need professional materials and work.


Emergency and post-emergency in the lagoon, coastal areas and high water in Venice: what to do and how to help?

In cases of emergency, a useful and organized communication on how to move in these cases makes the difference, both for those who need help and for those who want to give it. This is where we give our contribution.

Books ruined by water in the bookshop — (source: Fondazione Querini Stampalia)

High Tide emergency in Venice: support the Querini Stampalia Foundation

We receive, and gladly publish: the book collection was severely damaged: miscellaneous works from the late nineteenth century, occupying 35 meters of shelf space, require urgent treatment to ensure preservation. Also, modern publications and...

View on coast and glacier in Patagonia - (Photo by Wolf Schram on Unsplash • Post-production Bazzmann / Venipedia)

The new IPCC special report about the oceans and the cryosphere in climate change is on its way

Dedicated to mountain, polar, coastal, oceanic ecosystems and the consequent impact of changes on human life, the report should be launched on 25 September 2019.


Interview with Fionn Ferreira, the inventor of ferro-fluid as a solution to remove micro-plastics from water

We reached Fionn via e-mail, at his home in Ballydehob, a small village in the South of Ireland with a great history and vitality, to understand more about his research and the future of its possible application. Here's what he told us.

Part of "L'Incontro", Pietro Longhi, 1746 (Metropolitan Museum, New York)

Masks and faces in historical symbolism and in the modern Venetian Carnival

Since the sixteenth century, masked ‘types’ have acquired a complex set of symbologies and cultural behaviors in Venice, becoming a fundamental part of the image of the city and another symbol by which it is recognised (just like the gondola or...


Under the Christmas tree there is the new Venipedia, more near to you, in all the ways

We made a long work and this new version starts a brand new journey. The new Venipedia is arrived, here is where we list the main news. In the next days will publish more informations related to every single news.