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The world is always changing, facing new challenges and opportunities to evolve a way better than before.

Art has been a key part of the humankind evolution throughout history, especially in those moments when humans expressed themselves at their best.

The Renaissance era, for example, saw a wide art flourishing: paintings, poems, music, sculptures, the birth of the modern publishing industry, new inventions, that drove the world to a better level.

Today we're all facing new challenges, like the climate and economic crisis, the recent global pandemic and the overtourism, driving us to find a more sustainable way to live together, without social injustice.

The 2024 edition of the Art for Tomorrow conference, moderated by New York Times journalists and that will take place in Palazzo Diedo, in the heart of Venice, comes with a rich program focused to discuss and drive the attention on some main topics like:

  • Sustainability and the Pitfalls of Beauty: deepening the challenges Venice faces in to preserve its cultural heritage between overtourism and rising sea levels caused by climate change.
  • Architecture for Good: exploring the transformative potential of architecture in addressing social issues such as inequality, accessibility and sustainability.
  • Identity Crisis: museums in context. Examining the role of museums in reflecting the concerns of their local communities and challenging dominant narratives.
  • Cultivating Creativity: deepening into the challenges faced by emerging artists and designers to transform creativity into entrepreneurial ventures.

Venipedia deeply believe in these topics, which are part of its new editorial roadmap but always connected to its DNA. They're one of the sparks that ignited its creation. Venipedia is born and operates in Venice, by the way.

Partnering with the Art for Tomorrow initiative is a natural way to broaden these topics and the general message that will emerge from the conference, stimulating the discussion around them, even outside the conference itself.

The content related to the 2024 conference, published in Italian and English language, will be available to everyone as Open Access until October 2024, giving everyone a chance to contribute to the discussion and get involved in the conversation.

About Venipedia

Venipedia is for curious minds, genuinely from Venice. It is an innovative cultural platform dedicated to improving the common present and future through knowledge about Venice, sustainability, biodiversity and the climate crisis. It does this through an online encyclopaedia, articles and insights, image collections, the first and only online museum of historic Venetian postcards, videos and books, digital and paper.

About Art for Tomorrow

Organised by The Democracy & Culture Foundation, Art for Tomorrow aims to analyze the effect the arts can and do have on society. Moderated by senior New York Times journalists, the program will bring together experts, activists and practitioners to explore the following questions and more. Previous speakers have included: H.E. Sheikha Al Mayassa, Ai Weiwei, Jeff Koons, Amy Cappellazzo, Glenn D. Lowry, Dr. Tristram Hunt, Christo, Olafur Eliasson, Ann Temkin, Alicja Kwade, Michael Govan, Elif Shafak and many more.

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