It is rectangular in shape and has an extension of 8 hectares, between the Osellino canal and the Pertini district. Practically at one of the entrances to the center of Mestre, which often goes unnoticed by those who do not know it, or simply mistaken for a "normal" green area.

Its construction, by the Azienda Regionale Foreste, dates back to 1994 and was commissioned by the then Prosindaco for Mestre - Gaetano Zorzetto - whose vision was of a more beautiful, more liveable city and with a generally better quality of life: " think Anna, what a Sunday morning will be for our grandchildren and their children! », he said to his daughter Anna one day after having illustrated the forest projects to her with passion.

A monument is dedicated to him, at door number 5, composed of a monolith in natural stone - whose shape resembles a flame and whose meaning is an invitation to reflection and meditation - and a concrete base on which it is sculpted. dedicates it and directs it towards the interior of the wood.

Access to the forest and the relative paths is in fact managed by entrance doors, each of which offers information on the forest itself and its habitat. The forest is easily accessible by private and public transport. An interesting arrival route is through the Osellino embankment, with a walk in the greenery lapped by the water of the canal.

The peculiarity of the paths inside the wood is to be composed of wooden walkways, which in addition to safeguarding the lowest plants is also an excellent system to guarantee passage for those with walking difficulties, including strollers and wheelchairs.

Although its extension may be misleading, the forest contains a large number of native tree and shrub species: a total of 13,000 plants of 35 different species. Here you can find the English oak, the white hornbeam, the field maple, the wild lime, the black alder, the white poplar, the ash, the field elm, the black poplar, the wild apple, the cherry and the white willow. among the trees.

Among the shrubs we find the Hawthorn, the Rosa canina, the Snow balloon, the Blackthorn, the Corniolo, the Fusaggine, the Gray Willow, the Hazelnut, the Black Elder, the Frangola, the Sanguinella, the Blue Bramble, the Lantana the Ligustrello and the Spino cervino.

The fauna is represented by the albolimbato bat, the European hedgehog, the fox, the beech marten, the weasel. Among the birds: the Great Tit, the Wren, the Robin, the Black Balia, the Sparrow, the Goldfinch, the Serin, the Finch, the Blackbird, the Magpie, the Green Woodpecker and the Red Woodpecker, the Crow, the Jay, the Wood pigeon, Cuckoo, Long-eared Owl and Little Owl.

In the humid areas, for a total surface of 2,700 square meters, we can find the Sedge, the Reed and the Cattail among the plants, while among the amphibians and reptiles we meet the agile frog, the green frog, the Italic tree frog, the Lataste, the Common Toad, the Emerald Toad, the Natrice tessellata, the Green Lizard, the White Snake, the Marsh Turtle, the Crested Newt and the Dotted Newt.

Finally, the Wood is also equipped with an observation tower 15 meters high - currently closed to public access -, divided into several floors, which allows the observation of the appearance and development of the wood ecosystem in the different seasons and age, as well as the sedentary and passing birds that take refuge only for short periods in the trees (whose nests are skillfully described in the information totems at the entrance of each access door).

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