After a little more than 2 and a half years from the opening of the new Municipal Library of Mestre, Villa Erizzo has expanded by hosting - in its completely renovated guesthouse - the VEZ Junior dedicated to users aged between 0 and 14 years. The cultural offer of Mestre has thus seen its expansion, giving young people and their families the opportunity to find a laboratory to read, research and learn. The goal is to bring new generations closer to the world of books by discovering the pleasure of reading alone or in company.

The library organizes animated readings, aloud readings, theatrical readings, events, workshops and other educational moments that foster curiosity and the exchange of ideas. Activities are organized both dedicated to free users and to educational and school structures of all levels and levels in the area.

In order to use the loan service, registration is mandatory, which will allow the issuance of a personal card, nominative, free, with no age limits and issued to all residents or domiciled within the Veneto Region. In case of registration of minors, the authorization of one of the parents or guardian is mandatory, upon presentation of a document from the adult.

The volumes of fiction have been divided into specific age groups to which exclusive rooms of the building have been dedicated:

  • I explore (0-3 years - on the ground floor): a soft and protected environment, which brings the little ones closer to fabric books, hardcover books, pop-up books, short stories, books with only images, in different shapes and materials;
  • Discover (4-6 years - on the ground floor): a place for preschool children, who experience reading through numbers, colors, words, fables, fairy tales, poems, illustrated books, short stories of friendship, funny stories, stories Of fear;
  • I read (7-11 years old - on the first floor): an area for school-age children who are able to recognize which stories they prefer, including adventure, fantasy and mystery stories, horror or love stories , mythology, historical and humorous novels, poetry books, comics and theater;
  • I choose (11-14 years - on the first floor): a space for children who choose and read books independently, according to their own personal pleasure, passing through adventure, fantasy, detective stories, horror or love novels, mythology novels, historical and humorous.

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