The Rezzonico palace in 1936 was used as the seat of the Museum of the Venetian eighteenth century and the eighteenth-century works owned by the Civic Museums of Venice recured for the setting, as well as a collection of paintings given by Ferruccio Mestrovich.

Among the various rooms we find: the ballroom used for parties, a typically eighteenth-century element, whose space was obtained by exploiting the height of the two noble floors by eliminating a floor and some windows, the wedding allegory room whose name derives from a ceiling fresco by Giambattista Tiepolo, the pastels room with golden Venetian-style furniture and a remarkable sixteen-light Murano chandelier, a tapestry room characterized precisely by the presence of three large Flemish tapestries on the wall and finally a chapel in which there is a refined walnut kneeler which, turning it over, becomes an armchair.

Then there is the door of the paintings which collects the most remarkable pictorial works owned by the palace organized in a "picture gallery", a room reserved for Longhi and the frescoes recovered from Villa Zianigo by Giandomenico Tiepolo.

On the third floor there is the reconstruction of the ancient Ai do San Marchi Pharmacy consisting of: an unknown number of majolica jars decorated for the conservation of spices and materials needed to prepare medicaments (two larger jars affixed the sign of the pharmacy consisting of two lions that keep the Gospel open), a laboratory equipped with a fireplace and stove, in addition to the very thin glass stills from the Murano furnaces, huge shelves with majolica and glass vases and two large mortars used to pulverize materials .

The precious art gallery donated to the city by Egidio Martini which constitutes a collection of paintings, almost all of the Venetian school, the first dated '400 while the most recent of the' 900, restored by himself.

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The main facade of Ca 'Rezzonico

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