The building, a typical Gothic style building, was built between the beginning of the 14th and the end of the 15th century by the Rizzo family, whose coat of arms can be found on the well inside the courtyard.

Later it was rented for many years to the Zantani family, called Centani, in 1500 Antonio Centani was captured by the Turks and sawed alive in two pieces.

In 1914 some scholars along with some wealthy, bought the building and turned it into a museum of Italian dramatic art in honor of Carlo Goldoni

The first floor is dedicated to Goldoni's life, from his studies at the beginning of his theatrical activity to the end of his career.

In 1931 the building was donated to the Municipality of Venice to be restored and destined for a Goldonian museum and a Theater Studies Center and several years later he decided to simply call it "Casa Goldoni".

Casa Goldoni houses an archive and inside the library, it also houses images, portraits, costumes and writings relating to the theatrical production of Carlo Goldoni, it also houses a beautiful theater with eighteenth-century marionettes.

It is part of the circuit of the Venetian Civic Museums Foundation.



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Il Museo di casa Goldoni si trova a Palazzo Centani

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