The Municipal Library of Mestre was established on November 14, 1952 by the municipal administration of Venice accepting the request, accompanied by public signature, of a citizen committee formed after the war. It opened to the public on 11 October 1953 (a room of 80 square meters, four large tables, 32 seats in the historic sixteenth-century building of the Provvederia, in via Palazzo 2, opposite the Town Hall) and was organized according to the criteria of the public library Anglo-Saxon.

The first director, Rosanna Saccardo, always paid attention to the purposes of a "library of all", according to which: "The library is an institution destined to develop over time along two strictly complementary directives: the services it provides to citizens and the index satisfaction shown by the frequency of users ".

In the fifties the need for some branches began to be felt, the first were in Favaro Veneto and Marghera, the beginning of what is today the Urban Library System of Venice (SBU), 20 libraries between the city of land and water . Between the end of the sixties and the first five years of the seventies there were many initiatives by users to ask for a more suitable place to host the Library given the high influx. The library was also occupied. In October 1976, BCM found a larger office in via Piave, in the building made available for the termination of the duty offices (430 square meters and 70 seats).

In October 1994, the Municipality of Venice, following the purchase and restoration of a former glass factory in Via Miranese, inaugurated the new library in the Via Miranese headquarters. Since March 2013, the civic library has grown with the opening of the new headquarters in Villa Erizzo (VEZ). The double headquarters were maintained until 31 December 2014, when the location in via Miranese was permanently closed.

Spaces and heritage

Total area: 2015 m2
Area intended for the public: 1105 square meters
Reading places: n. 87
Multifunctional room: n. 42
Workstations for catalog consultation: n. 3
“Digital citizenship” internet stations: n. 20

The heritage is made up of about 100,000 clissified volumes belonging to all disciplinary areas while the multimedia section is made up of: 7,200 music CDs and 5,000 films on DVD and VHS. More than 1,500 music CDs and 1,200 DVDs can be browsed in the special exhibitors. There are also 280 magazines, current and backward vintages, 22 newspapers on paper, of which the local newspapers are preserved in microfilm and can be consulted with a viewer. The on-line version for many newspapers around the world is added to the traditional printed newspapers and is available from the MediaLibrayOnLine platform.

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