Library established, for the most part, thanks to the donations of some members of Iveser and exponents of the Venetian civil and cultural society, today its size is estimated at around 7,000 / 8,000 volumes including monographs, periodicals, magazines, brochures and single issues .

The personal funds of:

  • Cesco Chinello (partisan, political personality and historian of Porto Marghera);
  • Giannantonio Paladini (intellectual, historian, lecturer at the University of Ca 'Foscari);
  • Emanuele Battain (partisan and "democratic" lawyer in post-war Venice).

This main nucleus is flanked by the publications of the other Institutes in the Insmli network, donations from other members and friends, cultural, political, trade union associations, exchanges between institutions and acquisitions in the commercial circuit.

The themes of the bibliographic material are as follows: history of the Resistance and anti-fascism in Italy and Veneto, political and social history of Venice and its territory, political thought, work, the labor and trade union movement in the twentieth century; in addition to paper books, there are documentation in audiovisual and interactive format.

The reorganization of the Iveser library initially took place at the hands of Giulio Bobbo, then Guido Sbordone took care of it (he began the inclusion of the Iveser assets in the VEA-SBN network) to finally pass into the hands of Silvia Tortato.

In order to access the library, whose access is free, an explicit request for consultation must be made as per the form on the website. Registered users who access the study room will be able to use the wi-fi network provided in the building.

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