View of the Fondamenta delle Zitelle, with the Church of the Redeemer in the background. - (Venipedia / Bazzmann Archive)


An elongated island, actually composed of several islands connected by bridges, which in the past earned it the name of Spinale or Spinalonga. Giudecca has also been defined by other names such as Vigano, intended...


Lazzaretto nuovo

It is assumed that the island, since ancient times, had an important strategic function to control the waterways towards the hinterland, which in Roman times went from Ravenna to Altino. Archaeological findings...


Lazzaretto vecchio

The island of Lazzaretto Vecchio is an island in the central lagoon with an area of ​​about two and a half hectares of which 8,500 square meters are built. Between 2004 and 2008 it was affected by significant...


Lido of Venice

Reachable in about 20-30 minutes of navigation from Venice, the Lido island is located between the Venice lagoon and the Adriatic Sea and its length is approximately twelve kilometers for a width ranging from a minimum...


The square of Lio Piccolo (Bazzmann Archive / Venipedia)

Lio Piccolo

Location included in the municipality of Cavallino-Treporti, Lio Piccolo is made up of a group of islets reachable by sea and by land thanks to some connecting roads. This small village has the power to bring back...



Separated from a main canal - the Canale maggiore of Mazzorbo - the island still today shows on its banks buildings in the Gothic-Venetian style, experiencing the same fate as the entire Torcelliano territory. It is...


 View of Murano from the inner canal towards the church of San Pietro Martire.


Some time ago it was known as Amurianum or Amuriana, whose shape is reminiscent of Venice with its 7 islands (originally 9), the main canal flowing through the middle and the canals connected by bridges. The center...


The island of San Giorgio Maggiore — (Venipedia / Bazzmann Archive)

San Giorgio Maggiore

San Giorgio Maggiore owes its name to a church built in 790. So called to distinguish it from another island in the lagoon, San Giorgio in Alga, for a long time it was the site of agri-food activities and then, in 982...


View on the island of San Michele from the lagoon - (Archivio Venipedia / Bazzmann)

San Michele

The origins of the island of San Michele, now commonly called the island of the Cemetery, can be traced back to the presence of the Camaldolese monks on the spot even though there are two versions currently accredited...


San Servolo

The origins and the first settlements It is assumed that the very first settlements on the island date back to the end of the year 600, when a group of Benedictine monks, driven out of the Franks by their first...


A river inside Sant'Erasmo island — (Venipedia/Bazzmann Archive)


Overlooking the Adriatic Sea until a relatively recent past, it then became entirely surrounded by lagoon waters following the construction of the north dam of the Lido of Venice and the formation of what is now called...


Torcello, excavations and finds in front of the Basilica. — (Archive Venipedia/Bazzmann)


Located a short distance from the islands of Burano, Mazzorbo and Mazzorbetto, the current name of the island of Torcello seems to derive from Dorceum - a marshy islet - or from Turricellum, probably the name of one of...