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Detail of the facade of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Torcello — (Archive Bazzmann/Venipedia)

Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta a Torcello

The church is located on the silent island of Torcello and is the oldest church in Venice. It is a surprisingly peaceful place due to the fusion of Western and Eastern artistic influences, and its set of decorative...

Illustrated colorful watercolor board represent the Church of San Geminiano. Image taken from the book "Canal Grande and Piazza San Marco, described by Antonio Quadri, taken over and recorded by Dionisio Moretti", published by Supernova.

Ex chiesa di San Geminiano

Positioned between the Procuratie Vecchie and Nuove, the church has now been replaced by the Procuratie Nuovissime, which house the Correr Museum.

The Canton Synagogue

Scola Canton

Cantón​ in Venetian means ‘corner’: does the name of this precious Jewish place of worship derive from this? Although the Jewish tradition does not encourage the presence of religious images, the Canton Synagogue,...

The Great German Synagogue

Scola grande Tedesca

The oldest Venetian Scola, of the Ashkenazi rite (ie German), is located in the wide campo of the Ghetto Nuovo. It would be difficult to distinguish it from the other buildings if it were not for its five...

The Italian Synagogue

Scola Italiana

The most recent of the five Scole of the Ghetto, it is located in front of the retirement home and to the left of the Canton Synagogue, in the Campo del Ghetto Nuovo. The Italian Jewish community was smaller than...

 The Levantine Synagogue

Scola Levantina

Built by Jews from Eastern countries, this ​Scola​ is recognized for its characteristic polygonal aedicule. Located in front of the Ponentina Synagogue, it can be found in the Campiello delle Scuole when coming from...

The Spanish Synagogue

Scola Spagnola

The largest and most famous Venetian Scola, whose façade blends in with the neighboring houses, was built by a large group of Spanish Jews (said to be more than a thousand people). The building, which is the only...