Legend has it that ... on 25 March 421, what will later be a city unique in the world, a millenary empire, a cradle of excellence and a symbol recognized all over the world: Venice was founded.

The charm of this legend is represented by the mystery that surrounds the origins of the city - like the mythical mists of Avalon - a still obscure chapter of medieval history whose few historical sources often mix reality, myth and legend in an inseparable way. However, it is plausible to consider half of the year 1000 as a testimony of an inhabited lagoon, "where the inhabitants lived in the manner of water birds", as described in a letter of 537-538 ordering the transport of goods by lagoon from Istria to Ravenna, the Roman senator Flavio Aurelio Cassiodoro, minister of the Ostrogoth kings.

So they lived like this, with the boats tied out as if they were animals - a bit like the figure of the classic horse waiting outside the saloon, found in any Far West film, or those animals tied to the farms of the past - with the their only wealth represented by fishing and salt production.

And it is on the same date that Marin Sanudo, in his Diarii, matches the laying of the first stone of the Church of San Giacometo in Rialto, considered the oldest church in the city:

"... solum restò in piedi la chiesia di San Giacomo di Rialto coperta di piombo qual era in mezo dil fuogo, e ita Deo volente si preservò. La qual fu la prima chiexia edificata in Venetia dil 421 a dì 25 Marzo, come in le nostre croniche si leze..."
M. Sanudo, "I diarii di Marino Sanuto", T. 17 [1513-1514], Venezia, a spese degli editori, 1886, col. 461

Today, the date of the foundation of Venice is strengthened and celebrated on March 25 of each year also by the regional law of April 13, 2007, n. 8, article 5, which established the Festa del Popolo Veneto to promote knowledge of the history of Veneto, to enhance its original linguistic heritage, to illustrate its values of culture, customs, civicism, in their roots and in their perspective , as well as adequately making known the Statute and the symbols of the Region.

Best wishes therefore, millennial but always fascinating lady!

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