The name Costantino Reyer is also known today especially in the Venetian sports environment and in particular in the basketball one.

The team of the company named after him won the Italian championship in 2017 and 2019, participated in Europe in the Basketball Champions League Final Four; The "Costantino Reyer" company, active since 1872, has promoted, over time, varied sports disciplines, starting with gymnastics.

His eclectic figure well represents the sensitivity and the constant social commitment of an ante litteram European citizen who lived between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Gymnasiarch, innovator in modern sports concepts, engaged civilly on several fronts: scholar of a "unique" language that anticipates Esperanto, creator of a method that simplifies the study of Greek and Latin, creator of the volunteer bodies of firefighters and of first aid clubs, promoter of countless initiatives for the foundation of gymnastics clubs and associations for the protection of physical education teachers, manager of the German and Austrian Gymnastics Federation, as well as of many Italian sports clubs, founder and owner of titles journalistic where - among many ideas and ahead of the times - he advanced on the proposal of a European parliament.

Man of the world and culture: he spoke perfectly German, Italian, French and English, he was a chess player and passionate mountaineer.

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