It is June 5, 1489 when Caterina Cornaro returns to the lagoon after 17 years living on the island of Cyprus: she is welcomed with joy and affection by the Venetians who see her as a strong but unfortunate woman.

The Cornaro is a painful departure, forced to sign a note to be transmitted to the Egyptian sultan in which he abdicates the island in favor of the Serenissima Republic of Venice, with the aim of guaranteeing the territory greater protection from a possible Turkish attack. One year after Catherine's departure, the Venetian government managed to obtain the usufruct of the kingdom of Cyprus from the Sultan of Cairo in exchange for paying a tribute and related arrears: this was the primary purpose that the Republic of Venice had set sending his "daughter" to Cypriot soil.

Upon returning to Italy, Cornaro obtained as a gift from the Doge Marco Barbarigo the fief of Asolo from which she could receive an annuity not exceeding 8,000 ducats per year; from 11 October 1489 to 1509 he lived in the Castle of Asolo, of which he became Domina, also retaining the title of rejna de Jerusalem Cypri et Armeniæ.

She remained faithful to the word given to some Cypriot servants who came with her to Venice: she had promised them freedom and, realizing that she could no longer return to the Greek island, in 1490 she begged the doge to grant her supporters the freedom to return to home, as well as land and privileges as a sign of recognition for the work done alongside the Queen. The Republic of Venice, which by now thanks to the work of Caterina Cornaro had arranged its affairs and interests in the eastern Mediterranean, does not resist and fulfill its wishes.

Even today, during the Regata Storica, the warm welcome reserved by the Venetian people at the Cornaro is recalled with a historical procession consisting of dozens and dozens of typical sixteenth-century boats, before the start of the Regata.

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