Inserted within the public park of the same name, this building has recently been restored and used as a place of entertainment for the citizens, as well as the seat of the District Council of Cannaregio.

If the urbanization of the Sant'Alvise area began in the 15th century, this building is already present in the Perspective Plan of the City and the Lagoon by Paolo Forlani in 1566, albeit with a completely different architectural form. At that time, in the presence of the previous Palazzo Donà which has now disappeared, the building was used by the Bombardieri for exercises: this situation persisted until the mid-nineteenth century when the surface was transformed into a lumber yard. At the end of the nineteenth century the building changed its intended use again, becoming a warehouse.

When the new owner arrived, Cavalier Giuseppe Groggia, the large open space facing the lagoon was used to build the residence of the same name while the large space in front was used as a large garden in a romantic style; behind the house, facing the lagoon, were the sheds called "Ex CIGA" still visible by boat along the Fondamenta Nove.

The construction of the Teatrino building, as we know it today, certainly took place after 1913 and the structure most likely kept some elements of the warehouse, such as the red bricks, and others of the ancient Donà residence. The remains of the latter, demolished in 1823, are presumed never to have been transferred and disposed of but abandoned in the area; some were used for the construction of the Teatrino, see the numerous marble architectural elements (arches, jambs, capitals, columns, statues and mascaroni) while others are located next to the building and in the middle of the garden as an embellishment of the area. The large windows and the oculus in the tympanum make the building look like a small place of worship.

Each year the Municipality of Venice, with the support of one or more local associations, manages the Theater ensuring its correct functioning, the staging of cultural activities, the general secretarial services, the press office, hospitality, the ticket office. , accounting, technical assistance and maintenance.

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