A very normal stone bridge, both in the structure and in the parapets, which from Piazzale Roma or the Santa Lucia railway station leads to the wide Campo di San Giacomo dall'Orio, crossing Campo Nazario Sauro.

Very little can be said about the origin of the name of the bridge since there are no links to artists or anything else; those who think it may be linked to the painter Gabriele Bella must change their mind as the biographical information of the Venetian author is really irrelevant. His numerous works, many of which are kept at the Querini Stampalia Museum, are among the few sources to tell us about his personality and the professional activity carried out between 1740 and 1782. The Nizioleto indicates, for the denomination of the crossing, also del Forner but the reasons are not known, assuming that a baker's shop might have been nearby.

Not even Tassini, in his painstaking research of Venetian toponymy, found information, if not taking up what was written by Abbot Gian Maria Dezàn: "these denominations would come from the amenity of the site". Looking with the eyes of today it is a bit difficult to believe that it could be a particularly pleasant and pleasant place but compared to the parallel bridge of Ruga Vecchia a certain diversity is evident.

If Ruga Bella is airy and large, the same cannot be said of Ruga Vecchia which, on the other hand, is narrower and richer, on the right and left, than houses facing the street. Therefore, this appears to be the only possible interpretation of Ponte Ruga Bella which is assumed to have been built at a later time than the Ponte di Ruga Vecchia.

Certainly recently, exactly in 2003, the bridge was renovated as specified in a small engraving affixed to the bridge itself. At the foot of the bridge, on the San Giacomo dall'Orio side, there is also an aedicule containing a Madonna and Child set along the wall of the church of San Giacomo dall'Orio.

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