The history of the area of ​​Punta San Giuliano, near the Ponte della Libertà, is that of an area that over the years has become heavily degraded, at an urban and environmental level. Area that has been used for years as a landfill for industrial and urban waste, with highly polluting and threatening factors for the lagoon habitat.

With the new millennium the project for the reconversion of the area - by architect Antonio Di Mambro and carried out with European funds - kicks off, constituting one of the most significant interventions for consistency, complexity, articulation and for the difficulties of implementation due to its strong decay. An imposing project, which covers 700 hectares of land, canals, sandbanks and the lagoon; of which 76 hectares are now open to the public. Another 30 hectares have already been cleared and made safe. Its extension makes it one of the largest city parks in the world.

The park is composed of various structures and services, including a pedestrian and cycle area, which can also be used for skating, which reaches a total development of about 15 kilometers.

The green population consists of a great variety of trees (including the English oak, the field maple, the white poplar, the ash, the siberian elm), shrubs (including the plum, the red willow, the gray willow , the Viburnum, the Sea buckthorn, the Agazzino), of marsh plants such as the Cattail and the Reed and plants typical of the coasts, such as the Ammofila Costialis and the Maritime rush).

The immediate proximity of the lagoon also allows you to observe the sandbanks, some smaller islets and the lagoon fauna.

Remarkable is the view enlivened by the characteristic salty scent of the sea, which extends from the Porto Marghera lagoon to the Tessera airport, then passing through the Fondamente Nuove, the Island of San Michele and that of Murano, including the view of the bell towers higher than the historic center, including the Paròn de casa, or the Campanile of San Marco.

The facilities include: Infopoint with bicycle rental, children's play area, two bars, free skating rink, soccer field and a temporary restaurant awaiting the final structures that will be built on the edge of the lagoon together with the lot of the Polo Nautico.

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