Ancient and illustrious family of uncertain origin, according to tradition they originated in Milan even if for someone coming from Aquileia, in both cases they would have settled in Venice from Musestre, in the Venetian mainland, around the year 1000.

It is one of the most famous, rich and long-lived lineages of the Venetian aristocracy, he lived in the Palazzo Mocenigo (old house) in San Samuele on the Grand Canal and then expanded into an adjacent building called Casa Nuova (the main branch of the family resided in San Samuele while the affiliate in San Stae).

Among his illustrious descendants he had procurators, administrators, wise men, ambassadors, ecclesiastics, men of culture and seven doges (Thomas 1343 - 1423, Pietro 1406 - 1476, Giovanni 1408 - 1485, Alvise I 1507 - 1577 winner of Lepanto, Alvise II 1628 - 1709, Alvise III Sebastiano 1662 - 1732 and Alvise IV Giovanni 1701 - 1778). Four palaces bear the name of the family as evidence of the fame and wealth of this, in its time, numerous dynasty.

Palazzo Mocenigo in San Samuele (Old House) San Marco 3348. Rebuilt in the seventeenth century by Francesco Contin, however, you can still see the original pointed-arch windows in the facade overlooking the street and courtyard. Many illustrious guests stayed there over the centuries, including Giordano Bruno, Thomas Moore and Lord Byron.

Palazzo Mocenigo in San Samuele (Casa Nuova) San Marco 3349 Another branch of the house resided here. Built in the second half of the sixteenth century by demolishing some houses bought by the Faliers and then connecting it with other buildings to the old house.

Palazzo Mocenigo in San Stae Santa Croce, 1990-1992 The palace is already present in the plan by Jacopo de 'Barbari (1500) where it had an almost square base with a central courtyard. Subsequently the building was renovated and enlarged probably at the beginning of the 17th century. Alvise Nicolò Mocenigo, in 1945, left the entire building to the municipality of Venice, which became the seat of the Study Center for the History of Textile and Costume in 1985.

Palazzo Mocenigo Gambara Dorsoduro 1056 Corte Gambara

Palazzo Mocenigo Giudecca 20-21 Fondamenta San Giovanni

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