Among the most ancient noble families of Venice, she fled from Rome due to the invasion of the Goths, taking refuge in the lagoons in the fifth century, with many riches.

A Michiel participated in the election of the first doge, Paolino Anafesto in the year 697 while Vitale Michiel was among the first tribunes in 869.

The Blessed Anna Michiel also belongs to the family who founded the Convent of Santa Caterina.

The house gave the Republic captains, procurators of San Marco, cardinals, prelates and three doges: Vitale I Michiel, Domenico Michiel, Vitale II Michiel.

Domenico Michiel, there are few elements available to clearly identify which branch Michiel belonged to and to reconstruct the events prior to his election as doge, considering the multiple cases of homonymy.
He left in 1122 with a large fleet for the Holy Land to free King Baudouin from the siege of the Muslims, leaving the government of the city in the hands of his son Leachim. He won a great victory by freeing the Palestinian coasts and greatly facilitating trade with Europe. Between 1129 and 1130 he renounced the dogado and retired to the Monastery of San Giorgio Maggiore, shortly thereafter he died and was buried in the annexed church.

Vitale II Michiel doge from 1156 to 1172, was elected at a time of difficult foreign policy for Venice, was forced to intervene in Zadar after the Venetian governor was driven out with a revolt. Subsequently, with a new assault, he forced the Hungarian garrison to withdraw. He placed his son Leonardo at the helm of the islands of Cres and Lošinj and his son Nicolò of Rab, thus imposing strict control over the strategic centers of Dalmatia and Kvarner.
He waged battles against the patriarch of Aquileia, the king of Hungary and Frederick Barbarossa. The continuous wars prostrated the Republic and created discontent. He was assassinated on May 28 during a popular uprising. The crowd, gathered in front of the ducal palace, forced the doge to try to escape through a secondary exit but he was followed and killed with a knife by a certain Marco Casolo near San Zaccaria.

Nicolò Michiel (15th century traveler) was shipwreck officer with Cristofalo Fioravante in the famous expedition of Pietro Querini who, having left Crete in 1431 with 68 sailors and a load of spices for Flanders, was shipwrecked off the coast of Norway. The 11 survivors adrift found themselves on the island of Rost in the archipelago of the Lofoten islands. Tradition attributes to them the introduction of cod in Venice. The story was told by both Pietro Querini and Nicolo 'de Michiele. The story by Nicolò de Michiele and Cristofalo Fioravante is taken from the manuscript kept at the Marciana National Library.

Palazzo Michiel dalle Colonne Cannaregio 4314: building originally belonging to the Grimani family, it was completed and modernized at the end of the 17th century by the architect Antonio Gaspari, but the balance of the original layout is captured. It was later bought by Carlo Gonzaga, Duke of Mantua who brought his remarkable one there for some time. art collection.

Palazzo Michiel del Brusà Cannaregio 4391 / B: a disastrous fire due to severe neglect almost completely destroyed the building in 1774. It was rebuilt a few years later thanks to funding from the Republic as a sign of public recognition to the family, as attested by an inscription in the atrium of the building.

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