It owes its existence to the Settembrini family who have always loved culture and its diffusion; not surprisingly, Arnoldo Settembrini, already in 1959, established the literary prize "Leonilde and Arnaldo Settembrini". The owner decided to donate, reserving the full usufruct, his residence and other properties to the Veneto Region as long as it undertakes, within five years of his death, to establish the Regional Center of Venetian Culture dedicated to his beloved wife married in seconde wedding - Paola di Rosa Settembrini - and to continue the management of the literature prize according to the dictates he established. The clauses also included the creation of a Supervisory Committee for the Award and for the Cultural Center, made up, in addition to the grandchildren of Settembrini and after their death by the eldest son, male or female, from generation to generation, by the Praetor of Mestre, the archpriest of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo in Mestre, the pros mayor of Mestre, for a total of seven members. Within the Regional Center of Venetian Culture, a library was planned to contain books in the fields of bibliography, children's literature, general culture and Venetian culture.

After the death of Arnoldo Settembrini, with Regional Law n. 49 of 1 December 1989 the literary prize was activated while the library was established only in 1991 as a specialized Venetian library and photo library. Initially, the works of the Regional Inspectorate of Agriculture of Padua were placed inside, precious book material owned by the region comprising over 2,500 volumes relating to the culture and various aspects of the Venetian reality, printed in the Veneto region or elsewhere.

Today the library consists of about 12,000 documents (particularly curated are the sections of literature, art, children, geography and excursions, history and food and wine) and it is also possible to find the volumes that have participated in the latest editions of the "Settembrini Literary Prize". There are three special collections dedicated to children's literature, Venetian poetry and the works of the five finalists of 75% of the editions of the Literary Prize of the Veneto Region Leonilde and Arnaldo Settembrini. Inside there are also 1,500 volumes of theology, spirituality, philosophy, history of the political and social movement, music, art owned by the fund and of the “P.M. Kolbe ”of Mestre.

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