Located in a quiet and secluded area of ​​Venice, it can be reached by crossing the tenement houses near the church of Sant’Alvise and the residences overlooking the lagoon; both to the west and to the east of the park the perimeter is outlined by high stone walls.

In this area, as early as 1500, there was a building that overlooked the foundations owned by the Donà family: it also consisted of a green area used partly as a garden and partly as a vegetable garden, which extended to the lagoon. This situation remained the same until the nineteenth century when the residence was demolished and replaced by some houses and a warehouse, probably made of timber, the surface of which covered exactly the one now covered by the Teatrino Groggia.

The rebirth of the place is certainly to be attributed to the new owner, Giuseppe Groggia, who bought the area at the end of the 19th century; he took care of building the Teatrino, as we can see it today, and arranging the park, joining the garden area with that used as a vegetable garden, conceiving it with a quadrangular shape. When Cavalier Groggia died, the buildings passed to the Foundation of the same name and everything was then sold and purchased by the City of Venice in 1975.

Although the property is communal, the garden is public and freely usable, in a typically romantic style with hills, paths, trees and rocks. Along the paved path, you pass two specimens of Celtis australis until you reach the Neo-Gothic style theater which can seat up to 99 and, continuing the tour, you will come across an Art Nouveau greenhouse next to an elegant building. In the center of the garden, of about 5,000 square meters in front of the villa, there are ruins and a wellhead, with dignity despite the vandalism suffered over time.

Today the area is home to the Municipal Civic Center and the La Cicala and La Formica Ludoteca, while nearby there is the Sant'Alvise Swimming Pool, a modern sports facility that offers a wide range of swimming, fitness and wellness courses.

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