Positioned along the Fondamenta delle Zattere, the church is more easily identifiable by traveling along the Giudecca canal by water. Passed in history for the love affairs contrary to the cloistered life, today it is open to the public only on rare occasions.

The church and monastery of the Holy Spirit were built in the second half of the 15th century to give refuge and protection to some Augustinian nuns thanks to the commitment of the nun of Santa Caterina Maria Caroldo, helped by her brother Girolamo and the priest Giacomo Zamboni.

The temple is located on the Fondamenta delle Zattere and is next to the school of the Holy Spirit, whose architectural structure is very similar to that of the religious building: a gabled facade divided into two orders topped by a triangular tympanum; what distinguishes them is the tonnage, as the place of worship is lower and stockier than the School.

Inside there is a single nave and five minor altars of the eighteenth century are added to the main altar; in 1806, under the Napoleonic rule, the religious sites were suppressed and most of the works were taken elsewhere. To this day, among others, masterpieces by Giovanni Buonconsiglio, Jesus blessing between Saints George and Jerome and St. Gregory, Pope Enthroned and Angels, by Francesco Migliorini Resurrection and Ascension, by Jacopo Guarana San Matteo, by Jacopo Palma il Young Marriage of the Virgin and Blessed Giuliana da Collalto receives the abbey ring from San Biagio as well as the sepulchral monument of the Paruta family attributed to Baldassare Longhena.

What we remember today, however, of the nun Caroldo were her not exactly chaste life behaviors, of which she was accused by the nun Cecilia Vacca "... of keeping an amorous affair ...", both with the priest Zamboni himself and with a " ... Greek youngster, tried at other times ... »than with a doctor, where she pretended to be ill to lock herself in a cell with him.

Caroldo was also accused of squandering the community's assets, also engaging the sacred objects of the church, allowing some nuns to go out incognito at night and others reserving a much more rigid treatment, eventually making them escape from the convent.

The behaviors not in keeping with religious life did not concern only the Caroldo but the entire Santo Spirito convent whose nuns were condemned numerous times; for example, official acts of September 12, 1491, attributed to two gentlemen, Francesco Tagliapietra and Marco Balbi, "... who had had carnal trade with two of the cloistered ones.".

The issue concerned, in particular, the sisters Cristina Dolfin, Camilla Rota (lover of Gerolamo Corner) and Clemenza Foscarini (lover of Bernardo Contarini, with whom he had a son) who between 1563 and 1567 were kidnapped or escaped from the convent. Because of these events, Caroldo was deposed from the rank of abbess and locked up in a more rigorous and more controlled monastery; after the last sentence, nothing more was heard of the nun.

Today the church is open only on special occasions, weddings or funerals at the request of families, while the former convent currently houses one of the offices of the "Marco Polo - Liceo Artistico" Institute of Higher Education.

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