Fourteenth-century witness, solitary and surrounded by greenery next to the vine present on the island.

The fourteenth-century bell tower of Valverde or Sant 'Angelo is located in the north-eastern area of ​​the island of Mazzorbo, where once there was a religious complex of considerable size, a witness that survived the time together with the church of Santa Caterina of the group of 10 churches. time existing on the island.

Attached to the bell tower, a boundary wall is visible which delimits a protected area where inside there is a vineyard walled up on three of the four sides. The vineyard represents the ancient original vine present since 1300 - from the 1800s also with the presence of a cellar - which remained in business until the great high water of 1966, which destroyed it. In 2002 a group of agronomists and experts managed to find the last 88 plants that survived the great high water, bringing to light a native vine, the Dorona di Venezia, which over the centuries has adapted to the salinity conditions typical of the lagoon.

Within the walls, in addition to wine growing, other local crops also grow such as castraure - the apical fruit of the artichoke plant that is picked first, giving space to the subsequent production of artichokes - grown in some islands of the Venetian lagoon, in particular in Sant'Erasmo. Also inside it you can freely walk in a green area of ​​free access, where there is a fish pond at its center containing typical lagoon fish, such as Gò (Goby) and Canocia (Sea cicada).

Outside the walls, along the entire perimeter, you will find the Ponte Longo which connects Mazzorbo to Burano.

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