Auditorium Santa Margherita (former Church)

Once used as a cinema, the Santa Margherita auditorium is now one of the headquarters of the Ca 'Foscari University, acquired in 1987. In this space, which seats up to 237 people, important conferences and university...


Detail of the Basilica of Saints Maria and Donato in Murano. — (Archive Bazzmann/Venipedia)

Basilica dei Santi Maria and Donato

It is assumed that the foundation of the church dates back to the 7th century when the refugees began to leave the mainland at the end of the Barbaric invasions and moved to the island of glass. The place of worship...


Basilica di San Marco

The discovery of the body of St Mark the Evangelist prompted the then Doge Giustiniano Partecipazio to sanction the construction of a church worthy of receiving the remains of the Saint. The works began in 828 and were...


Basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore

The ancient church was built in wood in the 9th century and was dedicated to San Giorgio Maggiore; term "major" to distinguish it from the church of the same name located on the island of San Giorgio in Alga. In...


Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute

One of the sacred places of Venice where, on the feast day of the Madonna della Salute (21 November), the Venetians reconnect with their city and participate in the sacred and timeless act of thanksgiving for having...


Basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari

Initially built in 1250, the church had the apse facing the bridge and was rather small, which is the exact opposite of how it is now. In 1250 work began for the construction of a larger church and in 1330 work began...


Basilica of Santi Giovanni and Paolo

The inscription visible on the head of the left aisle reads «1386 tempore prioratiis fratris Jacobi Rubei Venecuis Factum fuit hoc opus». The start date of the works is not certain, even if the most accredited...


Basilica of Santissimo Redentore

Built between 1576 and 1577 on the decision of the Senate of the Serenissima to thank Christ the Redeemer for having defeated the plague which caused almost fifty thousand victims. Even before the complete...


Chiesa di San Basso.

Chiesa di San Basso

The church was first built in 1076 to the request of the Elia family and later rebuilt in 1105 following its destruction in a major fire. It suffered the same fate in the second half of the 17th century, and was...


Church of San Cassiano

Chiesa di San Cassiano

The building dates back to the IX century and was erected thanks to the Michiel, Minotto and Miani families. It probably took the place of an ancient oratory dedicated to St Cecilia; the new building was instead...


The bust of Vincenzo Fini can be found in the central part of the facade on top of an oblisque supported by camels

Chiesa di San Moisè

The church can be found in the campo of the same name, near the St Mark’s area. It is said to have been built in the VIII century by the Artigeri and Scoparii families, and was later destroyed in 1105 and subsequently...


The Church of San Pietro Martire, Murano

Chiesa di San Pietro Martire

The church was built in the mid-14th century and dedicated to St. John the Baptist. It was built by Marco Michiel and consecrated on the 17th of September 1417. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by a disastrous fire in...


Church of San Polo

Chiesa di San Polo

The initial construction of this place of worship seems to date back to 837 on the decision of Pietro and Giovanni Tradonico and was dedicated to St Paul, Polo in Venetian. The architectural style of the church is...


Church of San Rocco

Chiesa di San Rocco

Built by Bartolomeo Bon, the church of San Rocco has a single nave with an apsed presbytery and two side chapels. In 1725 the church was radically restructured by Giovanni Scalfarotto. The interior of the church now...


Church of San Silvestro

Chiesa di San Silvestro

The church was built in the IX century to the desires of the Andrearda or Giulia families, but accounts also attribute the construction to other families. It is believed that this place of worship was governed by the...


Portion of the facade of the church of San Simeone Grande.

Chiesa di San Simeon Grande

A place of worship dedicated to St Simeon the Prophet dating back to the end of the X century. Little is known of its past although due to its precarious conditions the church was certainly rebuilt between the XII and...


The Church of San Zaccaria.

Chiesa di San Zaccaria

The birth and prosperity of this church was guaranteed during its early days by two important historical figures: the Doge Giustiniano Partecipazio and the eastern Emperor Leone V; upon the death of the former, the...


Detail of the facade of the Church of Santa Fosca in Torcello — (Archivio Bazzmann/Venipedia).

Chiesa di Santa Fosca a Torcello 

The church dedicated to Santa Fosca — virgin and martyr — is located next to the cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta on the island of Torcello and completes the traditional early Chrisitan scheme that included a...


Detail of the facade of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Torcello — (Archive Bazzmann/Venipedia)

Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta a Torcello

The first building of the church - founded in 639 on the request of the exarch of Ravenna Isacio and with the help of the magister militum Maurizio - was dedicated to the Mother of God and is the oldest in Venice; this...


The entrance to the Gesuati church.

Chiesa di Santa Maria del Rosario (dei Gesuati)

The building was created for the religious order of Dominicans that had been living in the monastery and church of Santa Maria della Visitazione since 1668; the project was undertook by Giorgio Massari who worked on...


Church of Santo Stefano.

Chiesa di Santo Stefano

The church is located in the campo of the same name, Santo Stefano, between the Accademia bridge and campo Sant’Angelo in the direction of San Marco, in the center of which stands the monument to Niccolò Tommaseo,...


Church of Santa Maria Mater Domini

Chiesta di Santa Maria Mater Domini

This place of worship was erected in the X century thanks to the financial contributions of the Capello and Zane families. It was initially dedicated to St Christina as there was a nearby convent dedicated to the Saint...


Church of Madonna dell'Orto

The majestic church of the Madonna dell'Orto stands in the extreme spit of land north of the Cannaregio district, on the homonymous field and near the Campi dei Mori and Sant'Alvise, an area where it was usual to find...


Church of San Barnaba

The church was built around the 9th century on commission of the Adorni family, was destroyed in the early 12th century and rebuilt thanks to the offerings of its faithful. It underwent several renovations and...