He was 68 years old (he was born in 1080).

A good soldier and skilful diplomat, he implemented a policy of appeasement and serenity both internally and externally.

Externally, he gained the basileus' gratitude for the victorious alliance against the Normans and thus a new chrysobolla that secured economic and commercial advantages and the enlargement of the Venetian quarter along the Golden Horn.

Internally, he succeeded in restoring peace between the families that had clashed under the rule of his predecessor, Pietro Polani, taking advantage of the military victories achieved against the Normans by Naimero and Giovanni Polani. The latter, with their fleet of 60 galleys, had liberated Corfu, which Roger II of Hauteville occupied (1147), putting the Normans in a position to do no harm to Byzantine interests. As soon as the Polans returned to Venice (1149), the newly elected doge made peace with the Badoers and Patriarch Enrico Dandolo.

Pope Blessed Eugenius III (1145-1153), satisfied, lifted the interdict, launched the previous year, and rewarded the doge by naming him Dominator Marchie for making precise agreements with Fano.

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