A place of worship dedicated to St Simeon the Prophet dating back to the end of the X century. Little is known of its past although due to its precarious conditions the church was certainly rebuilt between the XII and XIII centuries and underwent further rebuilding in the Eighteenth century by the architect Domenic Margutti, who completely revolutionised its appearance. Margutti erected a church with a basic plan, with three aisles and three apsidal chapels, trying, where possible, to reuse the ancient architectural elements (for example, the columns of the aisles were saved). Margutti died in 1721 before the church was completed and Giorgio Massari took care of the final works: he created the facade - which is almost nonexistent today due to the renovation works of 1861 - and the altar of the Rosary (1755). There are presently two commemorative plaques on the side of the entrance door in memory of the Italians who fell during the war. The materials used in the construction were not of a particularly high quality considering that in 1795, Lucrezia Cappello was seriously injured by a piece of the ceiling that fell on her.

Inside there are currently paintings by Jacopo Tintoretto (The Last Supper) and Jacopo Palma il Giovane. The surrounding area was also the home of the Scuola dei Garzoti (wool carders) as the Fondamenta di Rio Marin was full of their workshops; they met in the church to discuss as well as to pray under the altarpiece of Horance Blanc depicting the Annunciation. Flaminio Corner tells us that in the past other precious relics were preserved in the church along with the remains of St Simeon: a thorn from the crown of Jesus, a drop of blood that flowed from the wound on his side (the latter was donated by the family of the Doge Raniero Zen). In the Seventeenth century, the Magistature of Health of Venice discovered that the priest of the time had buried the corpse of a parishioner who had fallen ill during the pestilence of 1630 in the church; due to this, the priest was sentenced to build a new pavement.

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