Campo Manin is one of the major Venetian fields, in size and amplitude.

It owes its current name to Daniele Manin, city hero in the revolution of 1848-49. In fact there is the monument dedicated to him - a bronze statue made by Luigi Borro with, at Manin's feet, a large winged lion with spread wings - which portrays him standing and in a proud position. From this field you can see the house where Manin lived, on which a plaque was placed in memory, positioned between the Cortesia bridge and the San Paternian bridge.

It is precisely the bridge that reminds us of the original name of the field — San Paternian, in fact — which was more modest in size, housed a well in its center and the homonymous church, of very ancient origin and present on the map by Jacopo de 'Barbari , had a Romanesque style structure. Its facade was very simple and essential, with no particular decorations. Much more characteristic and interesting was the bell tower, also in Romanesque style, which was pentagonal rather than square (as can be seen in some photos and drawings of the time).

It is said that the church - at the time in wood - dates back to the ninth century, commissioned by the Andrearda family in honor of the bishop San Paterniano, made parish in 959 by the doge Pietro Candiano IV. In 976, 1105, 1168 and 1437 the church was the subject of fire and always rebuilt, until 1810 when it was used as a warehouse and the bell tower as a wood and coal shop.

The district of San Paterniano also hosted the famous Accademia Aldina, founded and commissioned by Aldo Manuzio in his home.

It was therefore in 1875 - with the sacrifice of numerous buildings of the time, demolished for a work to rationalize the town's road network that also affected San Paternian - that the field took the definitive name of Manin, with the subsequent erection of the monument dedicated to him .

As evidence of the original shape of the field and the presence of the Aldina Academy, there is still a plaque placed on the ground, near the monument of Manin.

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