Barbarigo Agostino

He was born in 1419 and was 67 years old, the younger brother of the previous Doge Marco. Widower of Isabetta Soranzo , who had given him 5 children (4 girls and a boy), he was ambitious and boasted a...


Bembo Antonia

Antonia was born in Venice probably in 1642. An only child, she enjoyed a high level education. From an early age she proved lively, intelligent and particularly gifted in the musical field. Her parents entrusted her...


Boschini Marco

Marco Boschini, Venetian, was born on 5 October 1602 from his parents Zuan Antonio and Leonora. After his literary studies in the capital of Padua, he learned art at a young age, starting with painting by working in...


Carpaccio Vittore

Between 1460 and 1465 Vettor Scarpaza/o was born in Venice, later called Carpaccio in modern times. He probably did his apprenticeship with Gentile Bellini, son of Jacopo and brother of Giovanni. Among his first...


Cima Da Conegliano

The first information on the pictorial career of Cima da Conegliano (Giovanni Battista Cima) dates back to 1489 with the dating of the altarpiece made for the church of S. Bartolomeo in Vicenza. Not much is known...


Engraving represent the doge Domenico Contarini II

Contarini Domenico II

He was 74, or perhaps 78 when he came to office (he was born January 28, 1585, others say 1581). He was not a celebrated character but was respected by the people because he was never arrogant or aggressive....


Copio Sullam Sara

Sara Copio Sullam (1592? - 1641) was the daughter of Simone Copio, one of the leaders of the Jewish Community of Venice. Married to Giacobbe Sullam, she hosted poets and illustrious writers in her home in the Ghetto...


Da Vinci Leonardo

Leonardo da Vinci was born in Anchiano - near Florence - on April 15, 1452, the illegitimate son of the notary ser Pier, of Vinci, and of Caterina, a woman of humble origins. At the age of seventeen he moved to...


Faliero Marin

He was 74 years old (he was born in 1280). At the time of his election he was in Avignon as ambassador to Pope Innocent VI (1352-1362). His dogado began in an ominous way and ended worse: on 5 October, on his...


Engraving depicting the doge Marino Grimani

Grimani Marino

He was 63 years old when he came to office (born on the 1st of July 1532) and had a beautiful wife, Morosina Morosini.  He was loved by the people, had a flawless cursus honorum in which he had been ambassador...


Doge Leonardo Loredan

Loredan Leonardo

He was 65 years old when he came to office (born November 16, 1436) and had made his fortune in trading. He served the Republic in numerous posts and was finally elected prosecutor of S. Marco de citra on the 2nd of...


Merlin Lina

Lina Merlin, born Angelina Merlin, was born in Pozzonovo, in the province of Padua, on October 15, 1887, into a petty bourgeois family. At the age of four, she moved to Chioggia in the house of her maternal grandmother...


Engraving depicting the doge Domenico Michiel.

Michiel Domenico

Belonging to one of the apostolic families, he was the son of Giovanni, commander of the fleet in the Holy Land during the first crusade (1096 -1099), nephew of the 33rd Doge Vitale Michiel I and father of the 38th...


Engraving depicting the doge Alvise Mocenigo III

Mocenigo Alvise III

He was 60 years old when he came to office (born August 29, 1662), had never been married and was considered the hero of Dalmatia for his courage in the conquest of the Turkish fortress of Imotski (1717). However, as...


Postcards of the Doges

In its over a thousand years, 120 Doges have alternated to the government of the Republic of San Marco who, with the institution of the Ducal Promission (1192) and from the end of the 13th century, were elected with a...


Santorio Santorio

He was born in Koper on 29 March 1561 to Antonio, of Friulian origin, and Elisabetta Cordonia, from Koper. Antonio, the father, serves the Serenissima as an ammunition supermassaro and at an early age Santorio moves to...


Schiavone Andrea

Andrea Meldola or Meldolla, renamed Schiavone for being born in Dalmatia, had the undisputed merit of inventing a new Venetian Renaissance painting style that saw many admirers among his colleagues, in particular he...


The Corno Dogale

Among the particularities that distinguished the doge from all the other sovereigns there was also his headdress: in fact, he did not wear the crown but the horn, a kind of cap of Byzantine origin that took different...


Tiepolo Giambattista

Among his works, the most significant are: the frescoes of the archiepiscopal palace of Udine (1726-30), the canvases for the Scuola del Carmine in Venice which represent one of his pearls (1743) and the frescoes for...


Frammento di un quadro di Robusti Jacopo.

Tintoretto Jacopo

Jacopo Robusti was born in Venice in 1519, nicknamed Tintoretto due to the his Baptist father’s profession. One of the paintings that greatly contributed to his fame was that executed in the middle of the century...


Vivaldi Antonio

He owes his love for music to his violinist father Giovanni Battista who played for some years in the chapel of San Marco; he seems to have been a pupil of the musician Giovanni Legrenzi. Due to his poor health, he...