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General cases

In general, four main conditions can occur that do not give you direct access to Venipedia content:

  1. Session expired by the system: your security and the protection of your data is a priority for us, which is why it can happen that your session is closed by the system. In most cases this happens when you do not log in for a while.
  2. Expired browser session: it may happen that your web browsing software closes or loses the connection. There can be various reasons for this (IP change of your data connection, network change, software update, security measures of your operating system or software such as antivirus, other).
  3. You do not yet have a Venipedia account: a Venipedia account is required to access most of our content, except for content marked as Open Access. A free account gives you 3 contents per month, free of charge.
  4. You do not have full access to the Venipedia experience: in this case you can choose full access for 7 days or the full experience with monthly or annual payment.

You have a Venipedia account

In 99% of cases, cleaning your browser session solves the problem of accessing our content, here's how to do it:

  1. Go to your personal area
  2. From the user menu in the top right-hand corner, on the dark grey bar, click on "Log out"
  3. Open the page with the message inviting you to subscribe
  4. Click on "Login"
  5. Perform the login procedure
  6. Your session should now be cleared (for confirmation, note the presence of the grey service bar at the top)

Did you follow the procedure, but it didn't solve it? Write to us, we'll be happy to help!