The library of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection was born with the bequest of several thousand books by Peggy Guggenheim, mostly exhibition catalogs. Since then, the book heritage has grown continuously thanks to the bibliographic exchange and donations from national and international bodies. It is a support tool for the staff in the preparation of temporary exhibitions and also represents a fundamental aid for interns who participate in the internal internship program from all over the world. Students also come from all over the world interested in writing their thesis on the figure of Peggy Guggenheim or on the museum itself.

The library is open to the public by appointment, usually on Wednesday mornings, by calling on weekdays, from 10 to 17, or by sending an e-mail.

To avoid long waiting periods, it is advisable to request an appointment well in advance of your deadlines. The library is physically located inside the museum; it will therefore be necessary to notify the reception staff to be accompanied to the library. Bags and personal effects must be left in the cloakroom. An identity document is required for admission to the library.


Currently the book collection consists of about 8,000 volumes dedicated to modern and contemporary art consisting of monographs, general reference books, catalogs of collective exhibitions, catalogs of museum collections, books of criticism and modern art theory, art periodicals , videos and slides. In particular:

  • Catalogs of the exhibitions held at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection (from 1985 to today)
  • Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum New York Catalogs (1948 to present)
  • Catalogs of the Venice Biennale (from 1895 to today)

The Library also manages a photographic collection, entirely digitized, mainly focused on the figure of Peggy Guggenheim, consisting of about 850 positives and 400 negatives, which can be fully consulted on an internal computer platform.


The books are on open shelves and it is possible to use the room for consultation and study. The library has 30 seats, can be accessed with your laptop, is equipped with power sockets and internet connection, a computer for assisted bibliographic research, video projector, slide projector, CD players, DVDs , VHS.

  • Photocopies: the library user can use our photocopying service; Reproduction by own means is possible for publications after 1965, subject to the signing of a release that guarantees their use for study purposes and compliance with the legal limits of 15%.
  • Document Delivery: the document delivery service is active for publications after 1965 via FAX, e-mail, FTP, CD-ROM.
  • Reproductions: the reproductions service is active for publications prior to 1965.

The external or interlibrary loan service is not currently active.

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