Venezia, 1969 / Paolo Monti. - Strisce: 4, Fotogrammi complessivi: 17 : Negativo b/n, gelatina bromuro d'argento/ pellicola ; 35 mm.

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Palazzo da Mula, with an exquisitely 16th century appearance, actually dates back to the 12th century and certainly underwent numerous alterations during its long existence. 

The names of those who contributed to its construction are not known, but its convenient location along the widest canal of the island of Murano tempted many nobles to use it as holiday accommodation, such as Caterina Corner, Queen of Cyprus, and noble families such as the Contarini, the Mocenigo, the Giustinian, the Trevisan, the Pesaro and the Cappello.

The first inhabitants of the house, as

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