Venipedia® is made to be universal.

We started the Italian version, almost 3 years ago, as a gift to Venetians and to Venice, the town we love. This is the first motivation.

We started the Italian version also to make a big and deep test all around the project, to see what is working and what don't, to stress it, to verify all the content before going worldwide. This is the second and big motivation.

We have done great things meanwhile and we met the heart of our project.

Going worldwide means a big opportunity, and a big responsibility. That's why we seriously invested in sustainability before open the project to the world.

Yes, we are truly and seriously green.

But the good news is that we are preparing for the big launch, to you, wherever you are. We are preparing to bring all the things about Venice to you.

In effects we are preparing to bring Venice to you. This is our big bet.

Meanwhile you can subscribe to Missive, our international newsletter: the best way to be informed about the launch.

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Pubblicato: Giovedì, 12 Giugno 2014 — Aggiornato: Martedì, 20 Ottobre 2015