Venipedia is the result of an intense and constant daily work of continuous improvement. Even in sustainability.

We achieve this by working on several fronts:

  • Constantly optimizing the platform and periodically updating the infrastructure
  • Using renewable energy in our offices and optimizing them
  • By joining reforestation programs to offset the carbon footprint generated by traffic Platform and infrastructure
  • Removing plastic everywhere we can

Optimizing the platform means less power required from our servers, your computer, your smartphone and your tablet. This means less energy consumption of our infrastructure, of your electrical network and less battery consumption of your devices. This means a faster and more pleasant site to consult, but also a site that pollutes less.

Renewable energy, less plastic and conscious office management

Since 1st January 2014 our offices and our internal web servers are powered by green energy coming from 100% certified renewable sources.

We make conscious choices so that the energy demand is less and less, for example through intelligent devices for the management of the internal data network, through the use of devices with low radiation emissions (wi-fi, cordless, etc.) or through the replacement of the lighting with LEDs and other low consumption systems.

We have also replaced our computers, today with aluminum cases and more sustainable and recyclable materials, concretely reducing plastic.

Since 2020 we have removed plastic from the covers of our paper books, choosing only natural papers.

Since 2021 we have introduced water purifiers and reusable glass bottles, to eliminate all the excess plastic resulting from the use of disposable bottles, and we have invested in electric mobility to further reduce our impact on local pollution. 

Becoming a subscriber, you will also support our global commitment, through reforestation and decarbonization projects


We join reforestation projects to do our part in fighting global warming: Zero Impact Web® by Lifegate and ReforestAction

This means that part of the emissions from your visits will also be offset by creating and protecting growing forests. It is a small action, and others will be necessary, but if done by many it helps to create awareness and do good for the environment, for ourselves and for the future. Above all, it allows you to browse these pages with a little more peace of mind.

Carbon removal projects through the Stripe Climate program

Reducing CO₂ in the atmosphere is key to tackling climate change, but we are behind schedule. A portion of the amount of each purchase made online on Venipedia helps promote new carbon removal technologies. In fact, since September 2021, we have become a member of Stripe Climate to finance the latest generation of carbon removal systems.

— This page is updated periodically, come back to read it from time to time.

— Last update: 15 November 2022