Venipedia is for curious minds, capable to imaging and creating a better future.

A platform created to spread and democratize a sustainable culture that looks to the future and that addresses the major issues of tomorrow, to build a better world, to discover and deepen "everything about Venice". We do it through a dedicated encyclopedia, articles, in-depth articles, long forms, books and e-books, video and dedicated projects.

History and the future

Venipedia comes from Marco Trevisan, its creator and founder, also creator and designer of the brand, as well as the current director of the project.

An idea "kept warm in the drawer" for more than 10 years, originally born as a project to make Venice "more" yours, in a period of commercial "assault". An idea that has evolved over time, thanks also to the experience gained with its communication agency, Bazzmann Agency, through the work done with public realities, realities belonging to cultural heritage and European realities and projects in culture and in the innovation.

An idea that becomes true with an editorial approach, creating what is the first — and at the moment still unique — online encyclopedia on the subject of Venice. Not only on the city, but on everything connected to this topic.

A publishing project that starts with a highly innovative, fresh and focused to offer an easy, simple, but highly effective product with quality and verified contents. New ideas and new products are developed over time, leading to coining Venipedia as much more than an encyclopedia of Venice. In this period Scaffale, TV, Folio, the Historical Photographic Archive, the Virtual museum of the historic Venetian postcard, the publishing house, the innovative micro guides of Viandante and the proximity engine of Sestante are born.

In 2018 the need to give a new concreteness to the project becomes palpable, because it continues to be useful in an aggregate way, on the one hand, and on the other, to continue offering a highly innovative and international project.

Thus, after a year of work, what was previously known as much more than an encyclopedia of Venice, becomes the cultural and sustainable platform of Venice becoming definitively bilingual, in Italian and English.

An important step because the word platform actually expresses what Venipedia has always been: fertile ground for experimenting, innovating, aggregating, involving and producing high quality content and information, which are however easy and understandable for everyone.

The final part "of Venice" therefore fully assumes the connotation that defines both the mission of treating "everything about Venice", and that it is produced in Venice, but deals with topics that are not necessarily and closely linked to the city. Topics that are as dear to us as sustainability, on which we have always believed and invested, but also issues on which we feel the need to make our contribution and which we believe are vital for the future.

For 2020, then, Venipedia will talk about important issues such as sustainability, culture, the big issues of the future — such as IT security, climate change, civil economy, innovation, food and more — as well as launch a series of services and products, including professional ones, dedicated to culture, sustainability, publishing, authors and illustrators. This new editorial line includes, of course, also our publishing house.