Venipedia is for curious minds, we talk about Venice, sustainability and the big issues of the future.

What do such different themes fit into just one project?

Venice is our love, we love its history, the innovations and excellences of the past, its unique urban conformation and its even more unique position in the world. We love even more what Venice can represent for the world.

Let's think about how Venice was born in a virtually impossible place on which to build a city, the result of adaptation, mitigation and human ingenuity.

Let's think about how it has evolved, becoming not only a power but an example of renaissance and positive innovation. We also think of all the mistakes that Venice has committed, from which we can learn.

Venice is a microcosm and due to its unique characteristics it is a useful model for the entire planet, especially in this critical period for the entire civilization on a global level.

Its fragility is, in a small way, the fragility of the planet.

Its strength of the past is, in a small way, what may be the strength that humanity needs.

Therefore, not only topics such as sustainability, climate change, health prevention, adaptation and mitigation of natural events, migration, social inclusion, innovation as a driving force are historical examples linked to the Venetian lagoon, but they are also topics that Venice finds itself having to face again today, together with the rest of the planet.

Because all these aspects impact and will also impact Venice and we want to make our contribution to safeguard it.

Venipedia is an educational project with the ambition of becoming a reference platform also for important topics such as the great challenges of the future-present.

Furthermore, we are all called to make our contribution for a better future-present, today more than ever.

This is why we have chosen to talk about Venice, in all its possible forms, together with the great challenges of the future such as sustainability or the climate crisis, to name a couple.

Because in Venice they are historically connected, because from Venice they can connect to the rest of the world and because we consider it above all our responsibility as citizens of the world.

Our commitment is always to offer you authoritative information that is pleasant to read, positive, stimulating and as innovative and inclusive as possible. In addition, we want Venipedia to be more and more a useful tool for you, not just something beautiful to read and look at.