Our vision

Venipedia is the cultural and sustainable platform of Venice: we dive you into the topic of Venice, in all its forms and expressions, in every part of the planet and with verified contents on a highly innovative tool. All this, changing the future for the better, concretely.

- Marco Trevisan, creator and founder of Venipedia

Culture is knowledge. Innovation is future. Responsibility is sustainability. Openness is aggregation.

With Venipedia we tell you about Venice in a new, engaging and unique way, wherever you are in the world, we take you in its territories in an innovative way, creating at the same time projects and initiatives that concretely contribute to creating a better world, conscious, sustainable and far-sighted, based on the concept of long-term common good, also achieved with innovative tools and ideas.

For us the history of Venice is in fact also an immense basin of good practices to which to draw inspiration, a pioneering spirit in which we fully recognize ourselves and the luck of being able to tell the planet starting from an ecosystem unique in the world. For this reason we also deal with sustainability, good practices, actuality, excellence and many useful topics to understand the past and the present, with the aim of concretely acting for a better future, already today.

For this reason we consider Venipedia much more than an encyclopedia of Venice.

Our mission in 6 points

  • Produce the best guide and the best authoritative point of reference about the topic Venice - not only on the city and its history
  • Produce quality contents, which starting from Venice can also tell the current world with topics not only related to Venice
  • Produce innovative communication tools, projects and models, available to everyone
  • Feeding a fertile territory to attract pioneers, experimenters, excellence, ideas and solutions that can change the world for the better today
  • Interact, even with local institutions, at an international level
  • Act concretely to the development of a sustainable, conscious and far-sighted planet, based on the concept of long-term common good