More than a canal, as the Grand Canal can be understood, this is a real expanse of water.

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It is on this expanse that all the large cruise ships arriving in Venice pass (more than two million passengers a year), including the ferry boats that pass cars from the mainland to the Lido of Venice and Punta Sabbioni. The Church of the Redentore and the Molino Stucky also overlook here. And it is from here that very often you can enjoy absolutely spectacular sunsets.

A unique setting.

With a variable width of about 250 meters, at the entrance coming from the Port of Venice towards the San Marco basin, up to over 450 meters at the height of the Island of San Giorgio, it is certainly the largest canal in the historic center of all. the city.

Its depth varies between 12 and 17 meters, specially created in the last century for the transit of merchant and cruise ships first, and only for cruise ships today.

It is through this canal, in fact, that today one arrives in the city by means of the large tourist scheduled boats, after having entered the Lido port entrance (and from which one also leaves the city), first crossing the entire canal that runs alongside Sant'Elena, the Riva degli Schiavoni, to then enter the basin of San Marco and thus move towards the port destination.

Looking at it from above, the Grand Canal in comparison to it seems little more than a trickle, so wide is its width.

Its banks are overlooked by important works such as the Molino Stucky, the Church of Sant'Eufemia, the Basilica of the Santissimo Redentore, the Church of the Gesuati, the Church of the Zitelle, the Magazzini del Sale and part of Punta della Dogana. You can also see the Church of the Madonna della Salute, which completely overlooks the Grand Canal.

It is at the end of the canal, starting from the Chiesa delle Zitelle - towards the island of San Giorgio - ending in the San Marco basin, that the Redeemer is celebrated every year on the third Sunday of July, with the colorful and breathtaking fireworks display. During the same traditional event, the canal is crossed - and closed during the whole show - by a temporary bridge of boats, which connects the Church of the Zattere to the Basilica of the Santissimo Redentore.

A trip that deserves to be done is to return from the Lido by ferry boat, at dusk and at sunset, enjoying the whole panorama from an absolutely unusual position.

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Veduta del Canale della Giudecca verso il bacino di San Marco e l'isola di San Giorgio, con particolare a sinistra della Basilica della Salute. — (Archivio Venipedia/Bazzmann)
View towards the Zattere and Basilica della Salute. - (Archive Venipedia / Bazzmann)
View towards Zattere, San Basilio and Molino Stucky. - (Archive Venipedia / Bazzmann)
Detail of view towards the island of San Giorgio - (Archivio Venipedia / Bazzmann)
Base for the pontoon bridge, used as a votive bridge during the Feast of the Redeemer - (Archivio Venipedia / Bazzmann)
The Giudecca canal seen from the Basilica del Redentore (right view) - (Archivio Venipedia / Bazzmann)
The Giudecca canal seen from the Basilica del Redentore (left view) - (Archivio Venipedia / Bazzmann)
The Giudecca canal seen from the Basilica del Redentore (central view) - (Archivio Venipedia / Bazzmann)