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 Night image of the Napoleonic wing.

Ala Napoleonica or Procuratie Nuovissime

Legacies left by French court in the 19th century lead to the demolition of the Church of San Geminiano, jewel of Jacopo Sansovino, to make room for the monument that was to become the new representative office of the...

Venezia, 1969 / Paolo Monti. - Strisce: 4, Fotogrammi complessivi: 17 : Negativo b/n, gelatina bromuro d'argento/ pellicola ; 35 mm.

Palazzo Da Mula

One of the oldest buildings on the island of Murano, located in an area that at the time was used as a holiday place for nobles and important people. With its 16th century appearance, today it is the seat of some...

Detail of the facade of the Palazzo del Consiglio in Torcello — (Archive Bazzmann/Venipedia)

Palazzo del Consiglio

Located in front of the Basilica of Santa Fosca among the greenery of Piazza Torcellana. Once upon a time the Great Council of Torcellano used to gather here, now home to the Medieval and Modern Section of the Torcello...

Ancient image of Piazza San Marco.

Palazzo della Zecca

One of the most precious and important places in Venice, not only for the magnificence of the interior rooms and exterior architecture, but also because the most famous Venetian coin in the world was minted in this...

Detail of the facade of the Palazzo dell'Archivio of Torcello — (Archivio Bazzmann/Venipedia)

Palazzo dell’Archivio

A building of ancient origins, it was once used as an archive of the Bishopric of Torcello. Today it is the site of the Archaeological section of the Torcello Museum.

Palazzo Ducale

Palazzo Ducale

Symbol par excellence of the Serenissima and identity throughout the world of the city of Venice. A palace that was at the same time the Doge's private residence, the seat of government and the court. It was here that...

Facade of the Palace of the Bishops of Torcello, along Fondamenta Marco Giustinian.

Palazzo Giustiniani or dei Vescovi di Torcello

Designed to be an aristocratic residence, it later became the seat of the Bishops of Torcello. Today, with the name of Palazzo Giustiniani of Murano, it is the home of the Glass Museum.

Palazzo Patriarcale

The building that hosts and welcomes the Patriarchy of Venice, located near St. Mark's Basilica and in front of the Piazzetta dei Leoncini, where you can find the only real wellhead of the whole Saint Mark’s area....

Procuratie nuove

Procuratie Nuove

Even today, one can sense the enormous power and profound respect that this place has: it was here that the offices of the authoritative Procurators of San Marco, who covered the important role of administering the...

Procuratie Vecchie

The public residence of the nine Procurators of St Mark, the second most prestigious life appointment after than of the Doge. In order to adorn the homes of its Procurators, the Serenissima coloured the Istrian...