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Gallerie dell'Accademia.

Gallerie dell'Accademia

Museums, collections and galleries
Image of the seat of the Archaeological Museum.

Museo Archeologico Nazionale

Be guided by the historical artistic, cultural and economic artifacts that allow you to learn more about the ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Assyrian-Babylonian civilizations. You will find a considerable collection of Roman and Greek...

Museums, collections and galleries
Ala Napoleonica.

Museo Correr

The museum arose from the desire and dedication of its creator and passionate collector, the patrician Teodoro Correr.  The magnificent neoclassical rooms are the perfect setting for Antonio Canova's sculptures, the remarkable historical...

Museums, collections and galleries
The processing of the Murano glass.

Museo del Vetro

A splendid collection of glass artefacts, from the 1st century AD until the present day. The museum, which also includes the different types of glassmaking techniques, is located inside Palazzo Giustiniani or the Vescovi di Torcello. .

Museums, collections and galleries
Detail of the clock tower.

Museo della Torre dell’Orologio

You'll be fascinated to hear about how the complex gears, weights and counterweights work, including the tàmbure, the rotating wheels that hold the panels of the hours and minutes of the clock. You can admire the enchanting view set before you...

Museums, collections and galleries
Detail of Palazzo Ducale

Museo di Palazzo Ducale

The elegance and grandeur of the Doge’s Palace is evident on the exterior, and those who visit the inside will not be disappointed. You can admire the luxurious Doge’s Apartment, passing through the luminous and magnificent Scala d'Oro, the...

Museums, collections and galleries
Horses in bronze.

Museo di San Marco

Wander into inside St Mark’s Basilica, the symbol par excellence of Venice, and discover its secrets: the Marciano (of Saint Mark) heritage is immense and includes Mosaics, Textiles, the Quadriga and much more. You will come across the banquet...

Museums, collections and galleries
Architectural elements and inscriptions mostly from the territory of Altino, placed outdoors between the two buildings of the Archive and the Council.

Museo di Torcello

The Torcello Museum narrates the thousand year old history of the island and its relationship with the hinterland and Venice through the three sections: the Archaeological, Medieval and Modern. It is housed in two historic buildings: the Palazzo...

Museums, collections and galleries
Corner of the building that houses the museum and its library.

Museo Ebraico

Set in the largest campo of the Ghetto, this museum is an unmissable destination for those visiting the Cannaregio district. The vast collection presented inside the museum is the first part of an experience that is then enriched and completed...

Museums, collections and galleries