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Overview of Venetian masks. (Venipedia/Bazzmann Archive)

Carnival of Venice

A time for amusement, dissolving social tensions, transgressions and of figurative representations of victories and conquests. For the Serenissima, Carnival was the period of the year in which the population was...

Group of boats in preparation for the Feast of the Redentore.

Festa del Redentore

The biggest popular city festival, a breathtaking show, the centuries-old renewal of thanksgiving for the end of a terrible plague. The Feast of the Redentore embodies all these things.

The Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute seen from the Grand Canal - (Bazzmann Archive / Venipedia)

Festa della Madonna della Salute

Together with the Redeemer, it is the feast of the Venetians. A fixed and inevitable appointment for many inhabitants of the lagoon city every November 21, the centuries-old thanks to the Virgin Mary for the end of the...

Festa della Sensa, Giovanni Battista Brustoloni, 1766 (Rijksmuseum)

Festa della Sensa

This millennial celebration recalls the initial moment that led the city of Venice to be the dominator of the seas: with the Marriage of the sea, the heroic enterprise of the lagoon fleet at the expense of Dalmatia is...

Ancient drawing of the Lion of San Marco — (Bazzmann Archive/Venipedia)

Festa di San Marco e del bòcolo

Every year the date of April 25 is awaited with emotion by the Venetians, not only for a lively historical significance but also for a feeling of belonging and to renew their love for the loved woman.

International Architecture Exhibition.

International Architecture Exhibition

The Architecture Biennale was born in 1980 and became, within a few years, an emblem of attention to the art of designing and building in our country.

Venice Biennale of Art

International Art Exhibition

Known worldwide as the Biennale, or Biennale of art, it is one of the greatest exhibitions of contemporary art. Born from the idea of Antonio Fradeletto, Mario De Maria, Augusto Sézanne and the mayor of the city...

International Festival of Contemporary Dance

International Festival of Contemporary Dance

The branch of the Venice Biennale dedicated to contemporary dance was established in 1998, after which for some years the shows had been included as an integration of the music sector.

The producer Leland Hayward with the actor Jimmy Sterar in the film "The spirit of Saint Louis"

International Film Exhibition

After 37 years from the launch of the International Art Exhibition, in 1932 the Biennale presented the first film festival ever to be held in the world: the International Film Festival. Better known as the Film...

View of a quay in Venice, anonymous, ca. 1700 - ca. 1710 - (Rijksmuseum)

More veneto e Venetian New Year

Until 1797 the New Year in the Serenissima followed an older course than the Gregorian calendar, closer to the lunar cycle and which began on March 1, when the months were ten instead of twelve.

Regata Storica seen from the Canaletto

Regata Storica

One of the most loved annual events by all, which recalls ancient competitions among the racers. Started as a spontaneous race, without a predefined cadence, it then evolved into a fixed appointment, a day when the...

Venice Marathon

Venice Marathon

One of the most loved and well-known sporting events in Venice, not only for those who actively participate in it but also for the public following on the way. An unrivaled sporting event for thousands of athletes,...