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Close-up of the Volto del Santo on the well from the well in the homonymous Campiello (or courtyard). - (Venipedia / Bazzmann Archive)

Campiello del Volto Santo

A cozy place just off the busy Strada Nova, almost invisible to distracted passers-by, whose inscription "Volto Santo" attracts numerous onlookers. Here from about 1300 onwards there was a community of Lucchesi,...

The Campiello delle Scuole

Campiello delle Scuole

A small, suggestive and cosy Venetian square bordered by two of the five synagogues, called ​schole,​ present in the Ghetto: the Spanish and Levantine. It’s impossible to miss it when coming from the Fondamenta di...

The Frari's field

Campo dei Frari

Organized around the huge brick mass of the church of the same name and extended up to the river, this field has a true well at its widest point and also includes the former convent (the current State Archive) and the...

The Campo of the Ghetto Nuovo

Campo del Ghetto Nuovo

The Campo can be accessed directly from the Fondamenta degli Ormesini or the Fondamenta di Cannaregio. One of the two ​campi​ in the Venetian Ghetto, it is very large and almost always ​lively. It is certainly one...

Campo de l'Abazia: the well well, the church and the old school of Santa Maria della Misericordia — (Venipedia/Bazzmann Archive)

Campo dell'Abbazia

A place where time seems to stop. Here a very rich brotherhood settled, which developed a complex infrastructure at the service of the confreres, including a school, a hotel, a hospital and what to eat thanks to the...

Field of the Madonna dell'Orto — (Venipedia/Bazzmann Archive)

Campo della Madonna dell'Orto

One of the very few Venetian fields that have maintained the splendid terracotta and brick flooring laid in a herringbone pattern. Field that tells of real events, devotions on the edge of the miracle and ghostly...

Detail of the monument dedicated to Daniele Manin — (Venipedia/Bazzmann)

Campo Manin

Originally there was a church and had another name, today it witnesses an important personage, key to the Venetian Risorgimento and beyond, in the famous uprisings of 1848.

Campo San Barnaba — (Venipedia/Bazzmann)

Campo San Barnaba

Field full of liveliness and light-heartedness, it remembers with pleasure and nostalgia on January 29, 1441: on the occasion of the wedding between two well-known Venetian personalities, this place was filled with...

View of the field of San Francesco della Vigna. — (Archivio Venipedia/Bazzmann)

Campo San Francesco della Vigna

Tradition has it that an angel appeared to the evangelist Mark in a dream who revealed his future to him: he would rest in peace in this area of Venice. Whether this legend is true or not does not matter, you can...

Campo San Geremia — (Venipedia/Bazzmann Archive)

Campo San Geremia

Field of considerable size, where bull hunts once took place. Today, four wells hold up against time, one of which has a fountain.

Campo San Giacomo di Rialto — (Venipedia/Bazzmann)

Campo San Giacomo di Rialto

For years it was the hectic and lively place where commercial exchanges and institutional readings took place while today it is a must for lovers of the evening aperitif and beyond. The Gobbo di Rialto, a marble...

The San Lorenzo field seen from the homonymous church — (Venipedia/Bazzmann)

Campo San Lorenzo

Large and airy Venetian field, in which the church and the adjoining convent are the masters. A place where you can breathe an authentic peace. A peace that instead hides a story full of anecdotes and curious facts...