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The building was created for the religious order of Dominicans that had been living in the monastery and church of Santa Maria della Visitazione since 1668; the project was undertook by Giorgio Massari who worked on both the internal constructions and the decorations. In this regard, he collaborated with Tiepolo e Morlaiter, while Jacopo Tintoretto painted the canvas entitled Crucifixion.

The church is composed of a single rectangular nave with three chapels separated by pairs of semi-pilasters on the longer sides. The striking vault, whose ceiling is decorated with three frescos by Tiepolo depicting the cycle of the Madonna of the Rosary, is illuminated by large side windows. The bright apse is of notable beauty, with statues and bas-reliefs by Giovanni Maria Morlaiter, along with the wooden choir found behind the high altar.

The facade, which faces onto the Fondamenta delle Zattere, is of a particular height and consists of a single order composed of corinthian columns which support the tympanum. On the side entrance door are allegorical figures of the four cardinal virtues: ‘Prudence’, ‘Justice’, ‘Fortress’ and ‘Temperance’.

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Church of Santa Maria del Rosario (dei Gesuati)

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