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Built by Bartolomeo Bon, the church of San Rocco has a single nave with an apsed presbytery and two side chapels.

In 1725 the church was radically restructured by Giovanni Scalfarotto. The interior of the church now consists of a single nave with four lateral altars and two apsidal chapels and is decorated with paintings by Giovanni Antonio Fumiani, Sebastiano Ricci and Jacopo Tintoretto, in particular the four canvases with the stories of St Roch, including the amazing St Roch Healing the Plague-Stricken of 1549. Fragments of Pordenone’s presbytery decoration are preserved on the sides of the altar.

Facade renovations began in 1765 by Bernardino Maccaruzzi. The facade, divided into two orders of corinthian columns, presents niches with statues of Saints and works by Giovanni Marchiori and Giovanni Maria Morlaiter. The old portal and Rose window on the side of the church are the be noted.

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The facade of the Church of San Rocco.

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