Domenico Contarini II was the 104th Doge of the Serenissima (1659-1675).

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He was 74, or perhaps 78 when he came to office (he was born January 28, 1585, others say 1581).

He was not a celebrated character but was respected by the people because he was never arrogant or aggressive.

Fashion changed under his rule: Zoccoli were abandoned for more comfortable shoes that were first worn by the Doge's daughters. It was then the turn of the wig (1668).

Abroad, war raged with the Turks who had expressed a desire to take possession of the Island of Crete/Candia in 1645, the true center of the Venetian commercial empire, under the pretext that they had found pirates hiding among the island's inlets who attacked the coasts and Turkish convoys. Crete finally fell into the hands of the Turks in 1669. 

The Republic tried to restore the merchant routes after the war that had been closed for almost 20 years due to hostilities, and to balance the budget, something that was carried out in 1679, a few years after the Doge's death, when he was 90 or perhaps 94 years old. He was buried in the family tomb in the Church of S. Beneto. 


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Engraving represent the doge Domenico Contarini II
The emblem of the doge Domenico Contarini II

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